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  • 05/12/2022
  • 10

How product design is re-shaping experiences for the visually impaired

Contemporary product design has been evolving over a period to become more inclusive and accessible for people with various needs. Designers have been working with an evolved purpose to design for sections that have…

  • 28/11/2022
  • 10

Natural cooling: The rise of terracotta designs

Clay is the key raw material used to make terracotta. Terracotta literally means baked earth. It is essentially fired clay or baked clay that is used to build any object or materials. The clay…

  • 28/11/2022
  • 10

Uber cool product designs embedded with tech

Product design has been evolving over the years. Considering how deep an impact Covid-19 left on our lives, this change has been further fuelled by the change in consumer behavior, a conscious approach towards…

  • 15/11/2022
  • 10

Tips to get your portfolio noticed on creative networks

For designers their portfolio is their calling card. A portfolio is how you as a designer can show your skills, experience and potential to recruiter and clients. A strong design portfolio can lead you…

  • 07/11/2022
  • 10

5 Sci-fi inspired automotive design trends

Sci-fi has offered us many things over the years, from glimpses of what the future technology will bring, how human interactions with tech and machines will change and a lot of thought-provoking ideas. What…

  • 28/10/2022
  • 10

How recycling design is shaping product design trends

Many designers are working with plastic to other materials, essentially recycling them to create sustainable designs that are produced keeping in mind our environment and planet. Everyone within the design sector is chasing the…


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