Welcome to Strate School of Design, Bengaluru, campus where design is the only option.

Strate, Bengaluru’s brand-new campus opened in September 2021 and is spread across a glorious sprawling 4-acre land away from the city’s hustle & bustle to help you learn and skill yourself in an environment that encourage you to connect with nature and its interaction with design.

strate campus

Here is a glimpse of the sprawling 4-acre Strate School of Design, Bengaluru campus that includes our state-of-the-art lab and workshops, social hangout space for students and hostel facility.

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Strate Open Day invites applicants and their parents to the campus to interact with our faculty, dean and present students. Get more information on our marquee French pedagogy, industry projects, internship and placement opportunities and get their queries answered.

open day

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learning spaces

The new campus has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to aid students in their learning experience. At Strate, we are all about hands-on learning and our labs are equipped with latest technology, equipment, and software’s.

These learning spaces are transdisciplinary workshops and labs that welcome all Strate students to come in and get their hands on the learning equipment, building materials, tech machinery and building and sculpting tools


digital labs

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology our campuses offer students to digital learning spaces where they can utilize multiple software’s and latest technology platforms to innovate, produce and experiment with various concepts along with the help of our industry mentors and professional faculty.

Embracing emerging technologies that are required for skilling the students to be industry ready, Strate, Bengaluru has built an AR/VR lab. Our Interaction design students love to spend hours here working on prototypes and design innovations.

AR/VR labs

transportation design lab

This lab caters to everything you need to create the new mobility design-based solutions. The lab is designed as an open space that can incorporate and bring in large vehicles including cars and vans into the floor area for students to work on. Latest technology, working tools, emerging technology capabilities are available in the lab to work with.

Essentially a maker’s lab, this lab is filled with building, sculpting tools, raw materials. Wood crafting materials, 3D-printer and other fabrication tools required. An open workspace for Strate students to plan, build product prototypes or prototypes of parts of their product. Your space to design + build a whole new innovation.

fabrication lab

clay modelling lab

An open modelling lab that is ideal for all students at Strate to build and sculpt their ideas into prototypes. Various types of sculpting tools are available at the lab and mentors are always happy to get students into the lab and working on design concepts.

social spaces







Make friends.


open amphitheatre

A popular hangout spot on the campus where most of the interactions happens.

From hosting events, to holding the Strate campus open day for parents and students’ interaction with faculty to students spending hours around the steps designing and thinking if the next big innovation, this is the place to be at!


Students and
faculty celebrating
Halloween 2022

open day

Dive into how we welcome our students to begin their design journey.

parents and students'

Curious about the experience students and parents have at Strate?
Let’s find out.
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strate hostel

No need to worry about your travel to-from the city. The campus as a residential facility you can enrol yourself in. This offers our students a chance to connect with their peers, build lasting friendships and learn design in a peaceful environment filled with nature for inspiration.


Admission Open 2024-2025.

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