M.Des with Specialization in Product Design

Product Design Program

Program Head Strate, France: Olivier BEUNE, Designer

Product Design Course: Useful, Beautiful, Responsible

The Product Design course at Strate, Bengaluru aims at training designers who are able to implement systemic thinking and design services and products satisfying those usages and issues.

It is no longer possible today to design objects that are disconnected from usages and societal issues. Between the realities of industrial production and the ambition to create meaning for his contemporaries, today`s product designer navigates through objects materiality and services immateriality. Thus, we need to prepare our students to consider all the human issues from a new perspective, generously and accurately, to design and offer just and beautiful experiences.

What will you learn?

You will learn to design objects and their usages with a sustainable approach. You will apply your knowledge to put beauty in the service of everyday utilities. The Product Design course, or more commonly called an Industrial Design course, from Strate aims to make you a designer capable of thinking and designing services and satisfying product uses as the challenges of the 21st century.

Curriculum for the Product Design specialization.

The first two years are common for all specializations. It is in the third year that you opt for your preferred course. Click on each year to see what the product design course involves.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Representation & Visualisation 1
622 hours
Material & process 1
45 hours
Additional Culture 1
156 hours
Design Project 1
268 hours
Professionnalisation 1
24 hours
Representation & Visualisation 2
502 hours
Material & process 2 (Product)
83 hours
Additional Culture 2
192 hours
Design Projects 2
288 hours
Professionnalisation 1
75 hours
Internship 1

Product Design:

Design Projects & methodology
307 hours
Material & process 2
15 hours
Additional Culture 2
72 hours
Design Culture 1 (Product)
60 hours
Representation & Vizualisation 3 (Product)
150 hours
Professionnalisation 3
78 hours
Internship 2

Product Design:

International Semester
Industry sponsored Projects
198 hours
Design Culture 3 (Product)
96 hours
Additional Culture 3
72 hours
Representation & Vizualisation 4 (Product)s
147 hour
Thesis 1
110 hours
Professionnalisation 4
24 hours
Thesis 2
166 hours
Inter-disciplinary project
90 hours
90 hours
Professionnalisation 5
54 hours
Project Follow up
520 hours

Career Opportunities

Career avenues in Product Design include,

  • Advertising Art Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Production Designer (Theatre/Television/Film)
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Industrial Designer

and many more.

Admission and Fees

You can opt for the Product Design course in the third year of study.

Click here for details on admissions and fees