Admissions Procedure for Strate, Bangalore

A Stratos is creative, sensitive, caring, open-minded, vibrant, and optimistic. If you too want to cultivate these qualities, you belong at Strate. Our Integrated Master in Design program (M.Des.) is the right fit for a creative mind like yours. Unlike other Bachelor’s (B.Des.) or Master’s (M.Des.) programs, our Integrated M.Des. program offers a comprehensive look into the design industry and hands-on experience for a rewarding career in it.

___Admission to the 5-year Integrated French Master in Design program

At Strate, we branch the design admissions into undergraduate (right after Class 12) and parallel admissions (from Year 2). You can enroll in Strate School of Design immediately after class 12 if you are driven by your ambition to become a top-notch designer or opt for a lateral admission to year 2.
For enquiries regarding admission to the 3rd or 4th years, please contact our Dean, Thomas Dal
Please note: Students who apply for the 2nd year directly will be awarded only the French degree from Strate School of Design, not the Bachelor’s degree from Jain University.
If you are interested in joining the Integrated Master in Design program, please complete the application enquiry form [link to the form], selecting your area of interest. We will contact you soon after. You can also reach us at (+91) 888-082-0000 or send an email to

___Admission criteria

Our goal is to make the world a simpler, more just, and a more beautiful place. We are interested in your ability to transform your drawings into sustainable, useful designs than your academic results. Since ours is an Integrated Master’s program, you do not have to have a Bachelor’s (B.Des.) degree to join. You are eligible to apply to our Integrated Master in Design (M.Des.) program if you have graduated Class 12 with an aggregate of at least 50%. There is no entrance exam you have to sit for or pass for admission.

___Course fees

The fees for the Integrated Master in Design (M.Des.) program at Strate School of Design, Bengaluru is INR 8,25,000 per year.
Please note: This covers only tuition fees and does not include charges for international study trips, and other miscellaneous fees.

___Documents required for admission

  • Completed application form
  • 2 recent passport size photographs
  • Xerox copy of all your academic mark sheets
  • Additional documents that may support your admission further such as letters of recommendation, work certificates (if applicable)
  • A cheque/DD amounting to 10% of the 1st year’s tuition fees (Rs. 82,500/-)

If artistic expression and the manufacture of objects and services appeal to you; if you are naturally creative, curious, imaginative, and are interested in everything under the sun, then you are set to become a designer at Strate School of Design, Bengaluru.