strate School of Design

training the designers of tomorrow

Strate School of Design has been training designers of tomorrow globally for nearly 30 years. These are the thinker, doers, innovators and changemakers who produce systems and services of tomorrow.

Since its inception in 2017, Strate School of Design is one of Bengaluru’s leading design school that offers 12 courses which range from bachelors, master and integrated bachelors and masters’ programmes in product design, transportation design, communication design – specializations in interaction design and visual communication & brand identity design.


think. do. design.

strate mission

Strate’s core mission is to garner the talent of tomorrow who is solutions oriented, globally connected with the design community, an active creative citizen and adaptive thinker who will contribute towards design from a humanity centric viewpoint. Think global, act local.

strate vision

Our ambitions are both grand and simple: to contribute to the training of professionals passionate about people, attentive to the needs, desires and dreams of their contemporaries and their descendants.

why are we called strate?

For a Stratos

Design is the only option!

No innovation without design!

Design is about humanism!

Design is meant to solve real-world problems

The best designs are simple, just and beautiful

The decision to call ourselves “Strate” reflects our focus on clarity, simplicity, sound impact, and an international perspective. Our ethos are deep rooted in design focused serving our fellow community and environment while embracing constantly evolving tools and application with a multidisciplinary approach.

The school’s motto reveals our desire to “make the world more simple, just and beautiful”, reiterating the school’s fundamentally humanist approach.

strate legacy

Strate School of Design, Bengaluru, offers its students a multi-cultural, interdisciplinary, and skills enhancement-based learning environment. From the pedagogy to faculty, each aspect at Strate has a global influence and the learning system is based on empowering the students with an international outlook. With a strong industry focused stance – Strate School of Design ensures learning outcomes are in line with industry expectations and overall social development with innovation at its core.

strate bengaluru

strate paris

Founded in 1993, Strate is now recognized as a fully-fledged player in the academic world of French design.

Over the years, Strate Ecole de Design has forged strong links with major schools and universities in France and abroad. Recognized for the quality of its teaching, some courses are ranked among the best French and international programmes.

Today Strate School of Design is present in Paris, Lyon, Dakar and Bengaluru.

The designer diploma issued at Strate Paris is endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation and certified RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) Level 7 with France Competencies.


Admission Open 2024-2025.

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