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  • 30/09/2022

How Netflix creates immersive UX design

What Roger Federer is to the game of Tennis, Netflix is to the world of online streaming and entertainment. Disruption, innovation and world class user experience is what Netflix does best. When it comes…

  • 19/09/2022

Product thinking – the next big thing in UX design

User experience is about thinking simple, building a beautiful, easy to use set of features in a product that makes a users life easy. When a product is built its features are only one…

  • 15/08/2022

Change in the work pattern for designers by 2025

A big question for changing times: What changes are in process now that will impact the work patterns for designers by 2025? What will designers be expected to do, where will they work from,…

  • 25/07/2022

How to get your children ready for design studies

Design in our everyday lives helps to solve problems in society and offer a delightful customer experience to the users when they use a particular product or service. This makes designers work with a…

creative sketching
  • 25/04/2022

Evolution of creative sketching

For humans, sketching has been a way to represent and present the world around us and our creative ideas. It is known to be the starting point of many creative design processes where it…

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