• 5-Year Integrated Masters and Bachelors in Design
  • Bachelors in design
  • Masters in Design

All the above are offered with a specialization in:

We are seeking students who have an aptitude for design, passion for humanity centric innovations and a mindset to integrate technology and sustainable needs. If this is you, we encourage you to apply.

5-Year Integrated Masters and Bachelors in Design programme
Graduated class 12th with minimum 50% aggregate marks

Bachelors in Design programmes
Graduated class 12th with minimum 50%aggregate marks

Masters in Design programmes
Graduation degree in any field with 50% aggregate marks

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Strate offers its applicants the opportunity to apply and win iLead Scholarships. Along with Merit based scholarships and Girl Scholarships.

You may gain more information on Scholarships here.

The annual course fee for our programmes offered is INR 6,30,000
Application fee, examination fee ad registration fee are not included.

The Product Design programme familiarize students with material design, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D and 2D techniques, sketching, etc. Classroom sessions impart core visual, creative, technical, and analytical skills, along with knowledge of materials, technologies, manufacturing processes, trends, and sustainability. Besides subjects allied with the course, you will also work on multiple projects to acclimate yourself with product designing techniques

Career opportunities:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Product Design Director
  • Head of Design Management
  • Advertising Art Director
  • Materials Engineer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Production Designer (Theatre/Television/Film)
  • Purchasing Manager and many more.

More on Product design here

In this programme students will get first-hand experience in interior design, exterior design, colour and trim, 3D, digital sketching amongst other modules. Think, plan and design for user experience and brand experience linked to the vehicle. Imagine a passenger compartment, a living space, a driving position, and interface components by providing functional, ergonomic and aesthetic solutions.

Career opportunities:

  • Automotive (Colour and material) Designer
  • Automotive (Interior) Designer
  • Automotive (Exterior) Designer
  • Automotive Graphic Designer and
  • Global Head of Colour and Material Design Strategy and many more.

Strate School of Design has Jain (deemed-to-be) University as its partner to offer students a degree in the design course.

5-Year Integrated Masters and Bachelors in Design offers its students:
a. A degree – B.Sc in Design + M.Sc in Design from Jain(deemed-to-be) University, and,

b. Certificate from Strate School of Design.


Bachelors in Design offers its students :
a. A degree – B.Sc in Design from Jain( deemed-to-be)University, and,

b. Certificate from Strate School of Design.


Masters in Design offers its students :
a. A degree – M.Sc in Design from Jain (deemed-to-be)University, and,

b. Certificate from Strate School of Design.

We hold ‘Meet the Dean’ sessions with Thomas Dal – Dean Strate School of Design, Bengaluru.

These are open for applicants and parents to have a one-on-one with the dean and get their queries answered regarding school’s programmes, specializations, admission, fees, etc.

Strate has an internship programme etched into its pedagogy. Both 5-Year Integrated programmes and Bachelors programmes have mandatory internship periods ranging from 4-10 months.

There is a dedicated placement service for Strate students that has helped them gain work opportunities with annual packages up to 45 lakh INR for the year 2022.

More on careers here.

There are many international opportunities offered to the students at Strate, Bengaluru. We encourage our students to gain a global perspective and take the utmost advantages of the opportunities available to them.

Please note, the cost for immersion trip to Paris and other international mobility experiences offered during the programme are not part of the tuition fee or included in any fee towards the course.

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The Interaction design programme offers learning experience to students to design more meaningful interactions between people and products. The programme covers elements which help designer to build on new interactions that are making the best use of emerging tech and offer to radically change the rhythm of our daily lives.

Career Opportunities:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Art Director
  • Director of User Experience
  • Creative Director in UX/UI
  • HTML Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Web Designer and many more.

More on Interaction Design programme here.

This programme specialization at Strate, Bengaluru, deals with the branding and identity design of products, brands, services, and even organizations. The specialization makes you a specialist designer who combines the function and design of communication, strategic and operational thinking, and graphic and spatial design.

The programme enables students to understand, translate, and communicate brand stories graphically, learn what today’s key branding designers do, explore the strategic thinking underlying brands, and look at how that strategy can drive creative expression.

Career opportunities:

  • Design Director
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Communication Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Art Production Manager
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Broadcast Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Visual Image Developer
  • Production Designer
  • Layout Designer and many more.

More details on Visual Communication and Brand Identity Design here.


Admission Open 2024-2025.

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