Interaction Design Course in Bangalore

Interaction Design Program: Richer & deeper interactions

      “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

The “Interaction Design” course prepares designers to create new interactive objects, spaces, and services. The primary aim of the interaction design course is to equip students with the right skills in interaction design and set them off on a creative career path.

Program Overview

New technologies have radically changed the rhythm of our daily lives. Far from being restricted to our smartphones and tablets, these technologies will be in our daily objects and services. Our environment will soon be populated with intelligent and communicating objects, offering services. It remains to define the way people will live and converse with these objects and services.

The flooding of new technologies in our daily life has created a new field of exploration for the designer. New uses lead to new life scenarios and new behaviours. It is this new territory that we learn to discover in the “Interaction” department of our design programs.

The Interaction Design course from Strate enables graduates to design core elements which make the world a faster, easier, and better place. The primary objective of the program is to give students the degree, training, experience, and tools they need to design more meaningful interactions between people and the products around them.

Degree Awarded

At the end of the interaction design course, you will receive a BSc/MSc in Design from Jain (Deemed-to-be) University and certificate from Strate School of Design, Paris.

Admission Open For 2024

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    The minimum qualification required to apply for Strate’s Interaction Design course is a pass in Class 12 from any recognized university or board with an aggregate of at least 50%. For entry to the course, one needs to qualify in the Strate Admission Test and Interview/portfolio review.

    Admission Process

    You can opt for the Interaction Design course in your third year of study. Admission to our Interaction Design course involves,

    • Filling the online application form
    • Submission of the completed application form along with the application fee of INR 2000
    • Interview with the Dean or program head.
    • Securing the seat by paying 10% of the first-year fees.
    • Finalizing the admission by paying the first semester fees (minus the 10% already paid)
    • Submission of relevant documents and proofs.

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    Curriculum for the Interaction Design specialization.

    The first two years are common for all specializations. It is in the third year that you opt for your preferred course. Click on each year to see what the interaction design course involves.


    The 1st year is essentially dedicated to the artistic skills, basic tools for the designer.


    • English -I
    • persp-I
    • Graph kit -I
    • Sculpture – I
    • Creat cult kit -I
    • Design proj. methodology.-I
    • Art history -I / Science -I
    • Material & process -I
    • mind management-I


    • English -II
    • persp-II
    • Graph kit -II
    • Sculpture – II
    • Design proj. meth.-II
    • Disc init -I
    • Disc init -II
    • mind management-II
    • Caligraphy I / Typo -I


    The 2nd year extends the training from year one and starts initiations in the several majors offered, as well as in the 2D and 3D software and marketing. An entry-level internship is also required.


    • French-I / Spanish -I
    • Graphic kit-III
    • 2D &3D -I
    • 2D3D LAB -1
    • Mat & process
    • Ethnography I / Psycho I
    • Major sel proj -I
    • Art history -II/Science -II
    • Env- studies
    • Modl & Proto
    • Marketing for designer-I / ergono -I
    • Typography -II / I cali II


    • french-II / Spanish -II
    • 2D &3D -II
    • 2D &3D -II LAB +1
    • Creat cult kit 2
    • Ethno-socio II ./ Psycho II
    • Graphic design ( project)
    • Major sel proj -II ( project)
    • reality DSGN ( project)
    • constitutional
    • dsgn wrksp / how to proto
    • Modl & proto II



    • interact. dsgn. toolkit
    • 3D Adv. 3ds max
    • Ethno III / Psycho III
    • Interact. dsgn metho
    • dig cult. & intro to cmplxt
    • Masterclass
    • video/ storytelling
    • industry Proj. -I
    • Getting professional ( former professionalism)


    • internship
    • industrial proj II
    • Marketing for designer II / Ergo II



    • Bridge semester


    • Internship


    • Thesis -I
    • 3D- 3Ds Max = VR/AR unity
    • roughs
    • after effect
    • Professionalization and marketing
    • Human sc. design disc. and writting
    • Systemic mod, eco design, bio mimic
    • project -I indus ( lg/srt)
    • Project -II ( wksp+competitions)
    • projects -III


    The 5th year is essentially focused on the diploma project (thesis and project). There is also a collaborative project in partnership with business and engineering schools. It ends with a graduating internship.


    • Thesis – II
    • cogn science and research
    • Bio mimicry and cirlcular economy
    • Trans Disc. -I
    • Trans Disc
    • Design manag.t


    • Learning profesionalism- II
    • design, business and strategy
    • diploma proj
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Theatre / Comedy

    English classes are delivered throughout the five years of study, as well as a work on writing skills.

    Learning Outcomes

    As a transversal discipline, interaction design covers many fields such as mobility, health, leisure, work, etc. Its ambition is to train tomorrow’s designers who will be able to imagine amazing, almost magical, usages of a technology that will be invisible. As one of the most comprehensive interaction design courses in Bangalore, our program includes all facets of UI/UX design along with many interdisciplinary subjects. The course encompasses IoT, programming, coding, storyboarding, 3D, HTML/CSS, etc. Along with regular classes, students will participate in numerous workshops, seminars, interactive sessions, and take up numerous internships throughout the course to gain ample experience in interaction design.

    Career Opportunities

    The Interaction Design course is an extension of the typical UI or UX design course or a user interface design course. Hence, there are a plethora of career opportunities for interaction designers. The various career avenues in Interaction Design include,

    • UI/UX Designer
    • HTML Designer
    • User Experience Designer
    • Visual Designer
    • Web Designer and many more.

    Admission Open 2024-2025.

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