M.Des with Specialization in Transport Design

Transportation/Automobile Design Program

Transportation and Automobile Design Course: Mobility in the 21st Century

Strate`s Transportation and Automobile Design course is not merely a car design course; it is a new way to redesign and reimagine mobility solutions of the future.

Are you passionate about transportation design or automobile designA? cars, 2-wheelers, trams, trains, and everything related to transportation? With changing times, you must reinvent these desirable objects, in a way that promotes sustainability and responsibility.

The industrial, economic, and societal (r)evolutions, often related to sustainable issues, that lie ahead in this beginning of century encourage us to devise transportation solutions that are both sustainable and responsible.

Questioning our experience of contemporary transport is about understanding the evolution of lifestyles in order to devise relevant contexts of future transportation (multimodality, continuity of services, connectivity, etc.) and formalise objects, systems, and services of 21st century transportation.

Strate`s Transportation and Automobile Design course trains designers of tomorrow, who will be able to develop a transversal and global vision of these transportation issues (whether they deal with cars, public or individual transport, aeronautics, ships, etc.) with a double exigency in terms of formal and conceptual excellence.

What will you learn?

Automobile Design, specifically car design, is a field that`s fast-evolving with ground-breaking ideas right now. External factors, such as the economic and energy crisis require the automotive industry to re-invent itself. And at Strate, we are training those who will contribute closely to this industry tomorrow.

Curriculum for the Transportation Design specialization.

The first two years are common for all specializations. It is in the third year that you opt for your preferred course. Click on each year to see what the transportation design course involves.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5


The 1st year is essentially dedicated to the artistic skills, basic tools for the designer.

Representation & Visualisation 1
622 hours
Material & process 1
45 hours
Additional Culture 1
156 hours
Design Project 1
268 hours
Professionnalisation 1
24 hours


The 2nd year extends the training from year one and starts initiations in the several majors offered, as well as in the 2D and 3D software and marketing. An entry-level internship is also required.

Representation & Visualisation 2
502 hours
Material & process 2 (Product)
83 hours
Additional Culture 2
192 hours
Design Projects 2
288 hours
Professionnalisation 1
75 hours
Internship 1

Transportation Design:

Design Projects & methodology
229 hours
Material & process 2 (Mobility)
95 hours
Additional Culture 2
72 hours
Design Culture 1 (Mobility)
48 hours
Representation & Vizualisation 3 (Mobility)
168 hours
Professionnalisation 3
78 hours
Internship 2

Transportation Design:

International Semester
Industry sponsored Projects
197.5 hours
Design Culture 3
58 hours
Additional Culture 3
72 hours
Representation & Vizualisation 4 (Mobility)
164 hours
Thesis 1
110 hours
Professionnalisation 4
24 hours


The 5th year is essentially focused on the diploma project (thesis and project). There is also a collaborative project in partnership with business and engineering schools. It ends with a graduating internship.

Thesis 2
166 hours
Inter-disciplinary project
90 hours
90 hours
Professionnalisation 5
54 hours
Project Follow up
520 hours
English classes are delivered throughout the five years of study, as well as a work on writing skills.

Career Opportunities
Career avenues in Transportation Design include,

  • Automotive (Colour and material) Designer
  • Automotive (Interior) Designer
  • Automotive (Exterior) Designer
  • Automotive Graphic Designer

and many more.

Admission and Fees
If you are interested in car design, train design, or any automobile design, you can opt for the Transportation Design specialization in the third year of study.

Click here for details on admissions and fees