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Have you been to the famous Sydney Harbour bridge and observed the slow setting sun and the reflections of the bridge in water? Have you observed Setas De Seville in the old quarter of Seville, Spain? Have you observed the Neverful bag by Louis Vitton? Though unrelated, all of these incites a certain level of awe and wonder and reflects divine beauty. The marvel linking all these is the extraordinary design of these structures and things.
The marvel of a design of any product, thing, structure lies in the designer, the one who has sketched out, planned, incepted the design in products, checked and modified the dimensions and so on, and at last rendered a God-like quality of craftsmanship. So, at Strate School of Design, we look for igniting that spark of passion in students which can elevate the levels of design consciousness and help them render masterpieces.
Owing to our global experience, world-class faculty and reputed design partnerships, we have become one of the top design colleges in the country and the best design college in Bangalore.

"In a booming Indian economy seen as an El Dorado, global companies are in need of instant-ready, responsible designers who are able to deal with customers’ needs, upcoming technologies, and sustainability. With over 24 years of experience in European design excellence, Strate has set up an international team to train Indian talents locally in Bangalore. This talent is yours."

Thomas Dal

Thomas Dal

Dean, Strate School of Design, Bangalore

Integrated Master in Design Program [BSc/MSc in Design]

Creating designers who can remagine the future

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