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Design is a lever for strategic business development. At Strate School of Design, we train the actors of your development, and our pedagogy is built upon a strong relationship with market players.

Industry adaptive and open learning structure

Because we want to train innovative and pragmatic designers, and because collective intelligence is at the heart of the design process, the relationship with companies totally structures the school’s educational mission.

Strategic Partnerships

Every year we aim to examine the industry trends and bring them into our training – projects, modules, masterclasses, workshops amongst other aspects of the course. Weather your company is based in India or abroad, we are open to discussions to find synergies for long term associations.

As our strategic partners, we bring you on board the jury process on occasions.

why partner
with strate
design school?

Mentored by our professional faculty, our students will bring in freshness, new energy, creativity and freedom of thought to your projects, which is also the main purpose of our industry partnerships.

What do we need from you?

A design brief/ specifications defined for the project. If you do not have this ready, we will help you with it.

Once we brief the student’s basis your specifications, a group of students (between 15 to 25) will work with school resources inclusive of our state-of-the-art labs and professional guidance & supervision of their faculty to produce an innovative solution using creative design methodologies.

We welcome industry in our classrooms. If you have a project in mind, we have a team ready. Projects can take many forms:


Mid-term projects


Week-long dedicated project

2 months long project with weekly follow-up with industry

5 months long project with weekly follow-up with industry


The deliverables are those of any design project: mapping of imaginations, ecosystems and actors involved, observation and analysis study, generation of creative concepts, usage scenario, visual and animated model (video, 3D). 

The company is closely associated with all the key phases of the project.

We understand each project is different and deliverable vary.

What to we offer you?

Who to reach?

If you’d like to do a project with us, hire from us – interns or full-time designers, please contact the Director & Dean, Strate School of Design, Bengaluru – Thomas Dal.
Contact Thomas Dal

our industry partners

strate school of design, Bengaluru x tata motors

Mr. Thomas Dal, Director and Dean – Strate School of Design and Mr. Ajay Jain – Global Head of Design Strategy, Tata Motors sign an MoU in December 2022, between Strate School of Design, Bengaluru, and Tata Motors to launch a classroom project for aspiring automobile designers.

This partnership aims to:

-Foster innovation and critical thinking to develop smart and intelligent design solutions for futuristic mobility, and

-Develop a curated design curriculum and education programme in India by bridging the industry academia gap and bringing in industry level classroom projects.

Read more on the partnership here.

industry connect and experiences

masterclasses and workshops with Industry


Identity Design students engage in dialogue with George Attokaran (Architect and Creative Director at Atto Atelier), as he shares his views and the design nuances used at the space – Record Room. During the discussion, George also took students through some of his other projects like Round in Thrissur, Uru and Boteco in Bangalore.

In this industry visit, the short research-driven afternoon featured abstracts, cultural citations and learnings in the food, beverage, space and Identity Design realm.


Students from the Interaction and Identity design disciplines visited PlayShifu with the goal of understanding phygital experiences.

The conversations were led by Tanmay Kupekar (Toy Design Lead) and his team; who ran our students through design methods, market trends, toy evolution, leveraging play for learning environments and aspects of human-machine interaction.


Juhi Patel, Product Design Manager at Stahl talk about Strate, its students, faculty and interactions at the Bangalore campus.

During the one-week industry-connect workshop, our students learnt aspects of branding and marketing and created new pitches. Stratos also got to understand the role of design in the company, as they got the chance to interact with Dhruv Agarwal – the second-generation founder and Director at Stahl, who spoke at length about his experience.

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