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Advanced Design Studio is in charge of Goodyear Dunlop flank tread design and all their associated brands for the European, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific market. It is at the very heart of the product, both in terms of innovation and visual identity, as well as product communication and brand image.

In addition to teaching me the basics of design with its broad-based vision (product and marketing) and compliance with the methodologies for starting up on my ideas and move forward in my projects, Strate also helped me to quickly understand the importance of controlling a large number of and all types of projects simultaneously, which is exactly what I am doing today in my day-to-day work.

Today, I use the knowledge that I gained at “Strate” all the time and continue to develop and enrich it. I design products that are useful for human transport, which can be used to go to work or to safely go on a fun trip with family, and in way it is easy to understand how the technology and the quality of the tyre is, in fact, the only contact of the vehicle with the road.

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