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Most popular ChatGPT (AI) prompts for designers

Open AI’s ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI powered platform available to the world for FOC and has transformed the lives of many industry workers. When it comes to design, there are several GPT prompts that designer can now utilize to gather their design requirements for a specific task. Leverage the capabilities of natural language processing to enhance and streamline your design process for improved efficiency, saving time and focusing on core design elements.

Here are some popular prompts designers can make the best use of:

a. Generating user profiles / personas

Designers need to learn, research, and collect data about their target market or the user that they are designing for. With the use of this powerful AI tool, ChatGPT, as a designer you can ask it to generate data for about the end user as part of your research.

If you are seeking to design a visual story for a game design, you may ask ChatGPT to help you generate a user profile by telling is what your product is, who is you target audience, what it does to gain insights from the results and them as your guidelines.

For example: You may ask it to ‘Generate user profiles or a user flow for a visual story that is aimed at gaming enthusiasts who are also interested in emerging tech games like Star Atlas or The Sandbox

It will answer you with profile say one of a competitive player/gamer, another of a NFT enthusiast and few others with extended details of their personas.

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b. Generating colour schemes

This powerful tool can help you with many ideas for colour schemes. While designers have the knowledge and creative ability, it can be your assistant to help you with what your target audience, your product, your style of design and its placement needs.

Ask the AI powerhouse to generate for specific colour scheme options, like – ‘Generate colour palatte options for a cricket fantasy sport game to be launched in Indian market’

It will offer you a series of options with exact colour codes and references that work for the market and the product type.

c.Generating user flow – UX/UI designers

If you are a UX/UI designer, you can ask the application to help you generate a flow for your new project.

Say you are designing a new application for mental health awareness and wellness brand, you may ask ChatGPT – ‘I am designing a new application for mental health awareness and wellness in India for college students and young working professionals, generate a user flow that will be apt for the potential users of the application’

Starting with basic of onboarding, home screen leading to mood tracking, personal journaling, support network, guided practices and more – what you have now is a flow of pointers that help you get an understanding as to how you may build the application flow, what users may expect after one page prompt to another.

While this may be helpful and act as a starting point, for topics critical and sensitive such as mental health – a deeper research is required with professional experts.

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d. Generating visual story board ideas

If you are sitting with a lot of ideas for a new culinary blog or podcast launch, ChatGPT is your friend who can push your ideas into easier to executive ones, one step at a time.

Ask it to ‘Generate what tools should I use to start a culinary blog along with a set of visual storytelling guidelines that will help to monetize the blog via digital marketing’

This will bring you information on what content management software’s to use, best SEO tools, and video editing software’s to a dedicated series of pointers that help to understand how to build unique visual stories for the blog.

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e. Generating the popular trends in design

One of the most common things in design is to stay in tune with latest design trends. If you ask Chat GPT before you start the design process of a specific project on a list of trends in graphics, typographic, colour psychology, specific industry, or market segment – in seconds you will have your answers.

Say you ask the app to – ‘Generate popular trends in the tarot reading market segment for a new application that will be appealing in its colours, type and design’

From using mystical hues with symbolic design elements there will several pointers for you to gain inspiration from and start your project.

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For all your searches, be as specific as you can be with what you are designing, who is it for and what does the design aim to do. Specifics will help the app to offer you exact information that is required for you get guided with and start your process.

This AI tool has indeed offered designers a platform that aids to spark creativity, seek guidance, and build on new ideas. You may use the prompts in this article to leverage and enhance your design process while also unlocking new possibilities. As AI tech continues to evolve and progress, designers can look forward to more innovative prompts that will help them to continue working on their creative projects with a new spark while embracing technology in design.

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