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How AI is revolutionizing the Transportation design industry and the jobs

The emerging technologies have been impacting all sectors and transforming the way goods are produced, supplied, and consumed. Transportation industry has undergone a few revolutions over the past century, and we are now yet again at a breakthrough that is being achieved with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

At present, AI is being used in automotive manufacturing processes, including its design, the supply chain and production cycles and postproduction too. After-sales or market services like predictive maintenance and insurance are being transformed with the use of AI.

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Here is how the AI is revolutionizing the design side of transportation design:

Autonomous Vehicles / Self Driving vehicles

Tesla is one of the first names we can talk about that is dwelling deep into testing full self-driving features, while brands like Google are already invested into more advanced levels of the same. With the help of AI, brands can use computer vision for object detection and create smart intelligent systems that decode and make sense of visual data to help the vehicle drive itself.

These objects can vary from road design at large, road signs, traffic lights, lane markings, other cars and vehicles, pedestrians and more.

Designing for a self-driven vehicle requires designers to change their vision from a person behind the wheel to focus on more autonomous driving and offering passengers more features to enhance their experience.

Improving aerodynamic designs

With the use of AI algorithms in the design process, designers can now build more efficient aerodynamic designs that help to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency of the vehicle. It leads to saving cost on fuel and to reduce the carbon emissions offering an overall improvement in the environmental impact of transportation.

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Safety features, minimizing risk

In design for transportation, safety features are crucial. AI is aiding designers to build in smart systems that can improve the safety of transportation systems by helping to identify potential hazards, objects and other things leading to eventually prevent accidents.

These smart network system design with AI algorithms works by analysing data on traffic patterns, road conditions, road signs and other aspects to predict potential accidents and suggest changes to the transportation systems to minimize risk.

Designing for comfort and experiences

AI is being used by designers to create internal seating design as a far more comfortable and convenient space to build brand new experiences in mobility for the passengers. Designers are working towards what passengers’ needs are, and how these spaces powered by technology can be made more user-friendly while meeting the needs of the passengers.

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Driver monitoring, detecting fatigue

Many vehicles are already working with AI enabled computer vision that helps the technology to monitor the driver for a safe driving experience. It uses face detection and head pose estimation to find and seek out things like drowsiness, emotions recognition and few other aspects to help prevent crashes and deaths for long haul drivers. This AI-based design feature here can become a powerful tool of detecting the drivers body language to and alert a driver if their driving is taking a hit due to fatigue and encourage them to park safely and take rest.

The job opportunities…

As AI is revolutionizing the transportation design sector, there are many new and emerging opportunities for designers in this field.

Designers who are proficient in AI based tools are in high demand. These professionals are responsible to design mobility systems that work with and incorporate AI to help improve safety, user experiences and comfort and efficiency of the vehicles.

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As a mobility and transportation designer you will be required to conduct research and grasp more knowledge of passenger preferences and behaviors, the latest in emerging technologies and trends, to design more user-friendly mobility solutions and also collaborate with professionals like AI engineers, data analysts, transportation planners, scientists and more to implement AI-driven transportation systems.

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