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Uber cool product designs embedded with tech

Product design has been evolving over the years. Considering how deep an impact Covid-19 left on our lives, this change has been further fuelled by the change in consumer behavior, a conscious approach towards eco-friendly particles and adapting to the new emerging technology. Independent designers and brands are focused to work on designs today that have a more personalized experience for the users and are easy to customize.

Here are some great product designs we have picked from Yanko’s detailed blog post and unique product features that focus on sustainable design with technology and are largely centered around creative innovation, minimalism and capturing technology growth around us into our daily use products.

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1. A smart desk powered by leftover food

Leftover food is one waste product that can be found in every household, and what better way than a desk powered by your food waste, than throwing it away?

This smart functional furniture idea optimizes our resources and serves more than just one purpose. The smart table is coined as Clock and is designed to fit into smaller living spaces. Its hybrid station converts food waste into energy and energy to power the table wirelessly. This innovation combines technology and functionality and leads one to sustainably manage their waste, helping the user to switch to a natural energy source.

This unique design gives us a great glimpse into the future of sustainably powered product design that are also aesthetically sleek, flexible and offer multiple usage abilities.

While the table does include the systems and plug in that can be used to plug into an electric source when needed, the idea is you can power the workstation with your household food waste.

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2.Bicycle to e-bike convertor kit

Now this sounds like something we’d all be on board with!

Some of us prefer the old school way to pedal our way on the bicycles, while others love the motor assistance. And sure, there is a majority that would love both present in the same bike. Now you do not have to make the choice between either or with LIVALL’s specially designed ingenious kit that helps to transform your regular bike into an e-bike in no time.

E-bike conversion kits are a true saviour and offer the best of both worlds to the riders, with little investment when compared to e-bikes. This kit is coined as PikaBoost, which comes as a single unit that you can attach on your bike and remove it to install again on the same or another bike. It’s easy to carry with you when you park in public too. Beyond their ease of installation and carry, the PikaBoost e-bike is a more pocket friendly option that offers almost all capabilities of an e-bike.

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3. A smart tabletop coaster that detects your beverage temperature and heats it up

Designers Dennis Peltram and Shuwen Chen have given us something we all need – more time to drink and enjoy our hot tea/coffee!

They designed the ikago Heat Coaster Pro – a small nifty coaster that helps you to heat your tea or coffee by detecting its temperature. The coaster comes with a sensor that gauges the temperature of your coffee, and a heating film under your mug keeps it hot at the temperature that does not burn your tongue or feel like you’ve just the right temperature to drink it till you’ve finished it. Its digital display even tells you that your coffee isn’t at the ideal temperature.

It has a minimalist design ideal for your home office or work office desk. Best thing is the coaster comes with its own mug, but you can use any mug that is lying around your house – be it ceramic, glass or even stainless steel. It has an automatic shut-down system to ensure safety.

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4. Electric toothbrush with magnetic wireless charging dock

MagSafe has been an inspiration for designers that offered a hassle-free charging experience. Enlisted Design got inspired by this to build a wireless charging dock for an electric toothbrush. The Mode toothbrush comes with the same ease of charging your electric toothbrush as offered by MagSafe. It comes with a magnetic dock that plugs into a standard socket, now you can snap your toothbrush onto the dock when you’re done using the brush. As soon as it snaps in place, it charges your brush to 100% and also stays there intact.

What this toothbrush does is rightfully ditching wires entirely with its design. It’s a sleek, clutter free and modern design is pleasing to the eye and almost gives us a futuristic feel. What’s more?
The dock also rotates 90 degrees and turns horizontal, so it does not block anything. There is also a backlight built into the dock that activates in the dark automatically. It is built to be waterproof, and the dock is designed as splash resistant. A full charge can offer you 30 days of use, so you are ready to pack for the holidays with no stress.

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5.An NFT art gallery: A luxury digital display

Digital growth in the art world has been phenomenal. NFT art has taken over physical artwork in an unexpected way over the past few years. Art collectors, artists and audiences are all swimming in the same water as crypto enthusiasts for NFTs. Giving a strong rise to the digital art renaissance movement. Danvas and Ammunition Design were sure to pick up this trend and make the best possible use of it. They created the first luxury digital display for the NFT art.

Everyone in the art world, from curators, artists to collectors have been trying to find ways to wrap their heads around how to show off NFT art. This is where Danvas and Ammunition Group come in bringing a new approach to the displaying NFT art collections in digital frames – further encouraging interactions of audiences, artists, and collectors with digital art. This luxury digital display is coined as Series G – and its main notion is to convert individuals into lifelong collectors. These collectors can then have their own private gallery space at home to view their collected NFTs rolling away turn by turn on their digital canvas.

The Series G brings in tech into the canvas of the art. It emits audio and delivers interactive lighting that matches with the artwork.

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