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Exploring career paths in product design

Product design is a critical discipline for the dynamic digital world today where it helps to bridge the gap between what users need and the technological advancements. With the constant innovation in technology, the demand for skilled product designers has skyrocketed.

Product design is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses designers working on everyday items like chairs to complex machinery like automobiles to aircraft. Product designers have the responsibility of envisioning how consumers will interact with their creations. From aspects such as design, and engineering to user experience, they work with various team members. Beyond simply offering solutions, product designers are striving to deliver an experience. They also work to streamline production processes and ensure the final product is accessible and inclusive to consumers at a reasonable cost.

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Here are some of the many career paths a product designer can move towards:

-Industrial product designer

Industrial designers create and develop products for mass production, like consumer electronics, furniture, appliances, and automobiles. They work closely with the team in engineering, manufacturing, developers, and coders to ensure that the product meets functional requirements while incorporating aesthetic appeal.

-User experience designer

This career path is in high demand. UX designers focus on designing products and interfaces that provide seamless and intuitive user experiences. They conduct user research and create wireframes and prototypes while also collaborating with developers to optimize the UI.

-Exhibition designers

This involves designers making 3D images and layouts of various designs to ensure the specifications are met with the clients. Supervising the site to make sure the design is implemented without any issues, an exhibition designer needs to work on understanding the site layout, the number of participants, division of area, installations required and related aspects.

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-Furniture designers

A niche yet lucrative career path, Furniture designers work to meet functional needs while making the design innovative. Designers can work with large MNC’s, designer brands across India or in the global market. Working with the design, its function, materials used, to the craftsman building the design aptly – the designers has to work with multiple teams.

-Design strategist

Design strategist works on analysing market trends, understand consumer behaviours and business goals to develop design strategies that drive innovation and business success. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to align design initiatives with organizational objectives and create competitive advantages.

-CAD Expert/ Technician

This role requires designers to prepare 2D/3D and rendered models with knowledge of AutoCAD. CAD technicians work with cross functional teams requiring good communication skills and ability to work with team. They work with teams such as an architect and his design team to turn their blueprints into technical drawings.

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-Textile design specialist

This role involves designers to become experts in textile and clothing market. They design unique designs for manufacturers or brands and involves them to design, manage and control aspects such as the fibre, dye colours, machinery used to the final look. Working with teams in manufacturing, productions, and fashion designers, they need good teamwork skills.

-Freelance product designer

This role offers a designer’s flexibility to work on project basis, collaborating with various clients and industries. They enjoy the freedom to choose their projects, work remotely and build a diverse portfolio while honing their skills and expanding their professional network.

Other opportunities also include Product designers exploring profiles that are focusing on niche aspects like Production designer in (TV, films etc), Packaging design, Interaction design. In the rapidly growing Indian economy, the demand for career path in Product design has on the rise and hiring brands are from across industries like IT, Tech, consumer goods, healthcare to automotive.

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As user centric design gain importance global brands are on the search of hiring product designers. Brands like L&T, Tata Consultancy Services, Capegemini and few names that are always seeking to hire product designers for an attractive salary package.

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With digital economy continuing to grow, the demand for product designers remains robust. Product designers now have a wide range of opportunities, high-paying jobs, and the chance to shape future of products – how users interact, how it impacts the planet and create innovative gadgets with intuitive interfaces and sustainable solutions.

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