Back to School for the 2nd Year; Master in Design for Smart Cities
  • 27/09/2019
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Back to School for the 2nd Year; Master in Design for Smart Cities

Back to School for the 2nd Year; Master in Design for Smart Cities

The school year 2019-2020 at Strate resumed with the return of students in 2nd year design. A new year filled with new perspectives for our students!

On Friday, September 20, 2019, the amphitheatre was filled again. The academic team and the Strate team were able to welcome students in 2nd year. They followed a global presentation of their upcoming school year, but also a point on all the innovations which were made at Strate School of Design.

We will note one in particular: the consolidation of a new curriculum, the Master in Design for Smart Cities, which offers to train future designers of Smart Cities. The news of this year is the nomination of Ioana Ocnarescu to take over the management!

This course remains an exclusive feature of Strate. It is, therefore, with a view to their further studies, that our students will be able to access the Master in Design for Smart Cities from their fourth year, it can be completed in two years and is taught in English. It is a new branch of design taught at Strate.

This training is an innovation in terms of teaching, cultural richness, and diversity of profiles. Previously accessible only to international students, Strate was able to open up to the world, by welcoming students from all walks of life: from India, China, Lebanon, the United States, Mexico, and Singapore, and from different profiles: architects, designers, and engineers. Thus, the Master in Design for Smart Cities training gives access to multi-disciplinarity and multi-culturalism. In addition, the profession of Designer of a Smart City is not usually taught in a design school, because it is a profession more frequently taught in engineering or architecture schools.

This training is indeed a designer diploma targeted by State which will allow our students to prepare for the profession of designer, but also, they will know, thanks to this training, how to manage the complexity of the human experience in a city. All sectors are affected by this course: from health, work, education, culture, and security to mobility, governance, citizenship, and a multitude of different fields.

The projects targeted by the Master in Design for Smart Cities are designed to meet the expectations and needs of all those associated with the city, not only citizens but also all those who pass through this city (workers, tourists, nomads, etc.).

This design training has existed for 2 years at Strate, Paris but now is also taught at Strate, Singapore. Indeed, it is thanks to the visionary national program of Singapore “Smart City, Smart Nation” that we imported the concept and created this training in 2017.

This article was translated from French. Read the original article here.

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