Six Reasons to Join Strate School of Design
  • 10/10/2017
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Six Reasons to Join Strate School of Design

Six Reasons to Join Strate School of Design

It`s not easy choosing a school that nurtures your passion and provides lucrative career options after graduation. It`s a long-term commitment and the education you receive must match your expectations. It is normal, therefore, to hesitate when making such a crucial decision.

If you are apprehensive about a career in design or unsure about Strate as your design school pick, don`t be. Here are 6 reasons why you should join Strate School of Design.

1. A recognized institution and programs

Strate School of Design is recognized by the French government and has been evaluated on the quality of its pedagogy, research, social policy, administration and management (published in the BOESR of December 7, 2015). The training of a Designer qualifies for a Level 1 Degree recognized by the state.*
** Title of “Designer Industrial” of Strate School of Design “ NFS 200n “ Level 1, registered with the RNCP by decree of 16/04/2014 published in J.O. of 03/07/2014.

2. A set-up, a structure, a state of mind

The school is situated in a verdant setting in Bengaluru, on a 4-acre campus with a building dedicated to design education alone. State-of-the-art facilities ensure you are taken care of and are able to pursue your ambition satisfactorily. The Strate team is dedicated to its students in a responsible, diligent, and creative atmosphere.

3. A network of 1400+ alumni

Established in 1993, the Strate Alumni association, now adds up to more than 1,400 alumni, some of whom are currently decision-makers in large companies. The Strate Alumni association is made up of all the graduates of the Strate Design School and its students. Its mission is to represent and bring together the `Stratos`, to support them in their professional growth, to support the school in its action-program for the Stratos, and to promote design and innovation through design in society.

4. Internationally oriented training

Since its inception, Strate has fostered an international vision by developing exchanges, internships and relations with the biggest players in the field.

Strate is a member of the `World Design Organization`, an international association whose purpose is to protect and promote the interests of the Industrial Design profession. Representatives of design centres, professionals and schools from over fifty countries meet regularly to discuss their issues, practices and to propose joint actions.
Strate is also a member of `Cumulus`, an association of more than 185 schools of Art and Design from around the world. The French school offers its students a one-year Erasmus exchange program abroad/an internship in one of these schools.

5. Solid professional recognition

Since 1993, Strate has developed a direct contact with design professionals and large groups involved in design. Today, many professional players offer us partnerships, offer our students internships, and hire our designers. Last but not least, all our members are active professionals and all training courses include mandatory internships.

6. Multidisciplinary projects with partner schools and a double diploma

The school participates in several multidisciplinary projects that aim to place our students into innovation groups so that they are able to combine their skills as design students with those of engineering and business students. Thus, our students work in collaboration with students from Centrale Supelec, Essec, Arts and Crafts Paristech, Institut Telecom Paristech, etc. Strate has established a double diploma with Grenoble Ecole de Management. With an additional year, our students can now earn a double degree as `Designer “ Manager“.

The illustrious lineage, respectable partnerships, quality of the design program, and global recognition makes Strate School of Design a prominent player in design education.

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