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Shaping the future of design excellence: Design Ethos at Strate School of Design

Strate School of Design, Bangalore is a global design school that offers multidisciplinary experience through ambitious course to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Known to train design professionals who will positively impact the future with their:

>International pedagogy and faculty
>Industry Interactions (masterclasses, workshops, industry, and live projects)
>Internships and placements
>Immersion (educational) trip to Paris.

In the world of design education, Strate School of Design is a beacon of innovation and creativity known to be nurturing visionary designers globally. The school places its design ethos at the forefront of its design curriculum along with its French Pedagogy. The school’s design ethos drive the many facets of the its design programmes, their pedagogy and foster an overall creative culture. The design ethos are empowered by the school’s learning motto of –

‘Making the world..
Simple. Just. Beautiful.’

Strate’s mission is to train designers who are able to contribute to linking the utility of products or services with ease, simplicity, pleasure and beauty while servicing all mankind and planet. These design ethos encompass wide array of ethical, societal and ecological dimensions that design should consider.

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Let’s take a walk down the design ethos at Strate School of Design:

a. Design as a service

The school’s first ethos is all about building a designer in a role where they are able to reverse perspectives to enrich human experiences. In our tech advanced world today, design bridges technology and needs identification. At Strate School of Design, Bengaluru, the focus is on enhancing life quality. The school has its own design mix:
> Cultural and historical awareness
> Technical prowess involving drawing, volume, representation techniques and more
> Multidisciplinary engagement – learnings in human sciences, marketing, engineering, materials and more.
> Methodological fusion – project management, mediation, creative methodologies and more.

b. Sustainable design

At Strate School of Design, Bengaluru, the main objective of the designer is to serve his fellow men/ mankind. Designers partake in the design of devices, services, objects that structure our daily lives. In our global world today it is vital to learn on how to adapt to the challenges for sustenance.  The school educates designers to grasp the real-life issues and incorporate a long-term perspective in their design solutions. They learn to share the responsibility to craft viable and sustainable solutions.

c. Multidisciplinary learning: Observe and Analyze

The designer is at the crossroads of several disciplines, and it is this position that gives relevance and strength to his approach, the very one that we implement at Strate School of Design, Bengaluru.

Designer is both an observer of the human situations on which he works and an operator of the technologies available to respond to them. Observe and analyze is a crucial element in the design programmes that involves:

> Designers to observe human situation and utilize available technologies.
> Giving attention to human science to act as a guide measurement as well as ethnographic studies.
> Monitoring for feasibility, manufacturing, and robustness, cost etc.
> Learning about marketing techniques, surveys, and panels to integrate key results in design process.

d. Methodological approach

Strate instils effective modes of thought, concept production, communication, sharing and collaborative development. The design education at the school seamlessly integrates project teams to contribute diverse perspectives and play a role in optimizing project nature for enhanced efficiency.

e. Embracing evolving tools

The schools emphasizes embracing evolving tools. The plurality of techniques is a vital element in design ethos for Strate School of Design. Designers are equipped with learning to master diverse techniques like clay sculpturing to 3D modelling, pastels to Photoshop, graphite to Illustrator, digital videos and more. The school encourages learning the power of emerging technology and how it may further innovate and disrupt the design sector.

f. Representing and giving shape

One core skill the school imparts is – ‘Effective representation and shaping’
The technical expertise to draw, model, sculpt and represent flat or in volume holds core importance for the school. Starte design ethos are based on the belief that these techniques encompass both artistic and functional aspects and hence should be clearly represented. While they are functional, beauty should also be a focal point, the aesthetic appearance of objects and spaces has the ability to enhance the quality of experience.

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As students become professionals and designers by the end of their course, they find themselves immersed in a dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. The design school offers a diverse range of programmes as to students to become global citizens:
a. Bachelors Programmes
b. Masters Programmes
c. 5 years Integrated programmes

Programmes at Strate School of design offered in all three categories above:
a. Product design
b. Transportation design
c. Communication design pans into two category:
– Interaction design
– Visual Communication design and Brand Identity design



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