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AI’s influence on UX design: Redefining User Experience 

In this article, we will explore how AI has become a revolutionary technology for UX designer market. As a young design professional or a student interested to pursue a course in UX design, it’s vital to understand the profound impact of emerging technology of AI on the design world.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way users interact with digital interfaces. While AI may have been around for years, its only in the recent years the UX design market is able to see the profound and far-reaching possibilities of innovation with AI. It sure has revolutionized the way designers approach user interactions, interface design and overall user satisfaction.

It has helped designers to create immersive and personalized experiences that help to build an interactive and engaging experience for the users.

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Here are some examples of brands using AI to build interactive UX experiences:

a. Mynta – Styling recommendations

The online giant known for their extensive fashion range uses AI algorithms to offer its users a range of personalized fashion recommendations and styling tips. This is possible for Myntra as they use data based on user preferences and browsing history. Making there platform more interactive, Myntra is enhancing its user engagement.

b.Lenskart – Try before you buy (virtually)

Known for revolutionizing the online eyewear retailer, Lenskart is a brand known to utilize AI-powered virtual try-on tools. It allows users to use their device’s camera to virtually try on different glasses, frames and see how the products look on them before buying. This helps assure the users they know what they are buying plus gain an engaging and interactive shopping experience.

c.Zomato – Hyper personalized texts and recommendations

This one brand is known for their – on time and on point branding. They use AI-driven algorithms to curate restaurant recommendation for their users based on the user’s performance and reviews. Their application has an intuitive interface, thanks to the power of AI, that offers users personalized recommendation to enhance the user experience.

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How is AI helping the UX design process:

a. It is automating design processes

The power of AI has helped to streamline the design work process by helping designer with automation in tasks such as layout optimization, colour selection, and font pairing. With the help of AI designers are now able to focus on strategic and creative aspects, leading to a greater efficiency to innovate their design solutions.

b.It aids to personalize the user journeys

An amazing capability of AI its ability to offer AI-driven algorithms that helps to analyse – user behaviour, sales patterns, business past sales, user preference and further helps the managers to tailor make experiences. Brand in entertainment sector and F&B delivery like Netflix, Zomato and Spotify use AI to curate content recommendations, ensuring that user receive personalized suggestions, ultimately leading to enhance the user engagement and overall brand experience.

c. It aids accessibility

When it comes to visual recognition features, AI helps to enhance accessibility. AI’s visual recognition capabilities improve overall accessibility by assisting visually impaired users. Taking an example of brands like Microsoft – they use AI to describe images to users, making digital content more inclusive for all. Designers can make more inclusive design so as everyone is able to experience the products and services.

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d. It helps to make hyper-personalized content for users

One of the key and vital uses of AI for brands is how it is able to analyse data so as designers are able to gain more insights to design interactions and tailor experiences. Entertainment brands such as Netflix use AI to curate content recommendations to ensure that users receive personalized suggestions.

e. It analysis user data for predictive analysis

Vital for many brands today, AI’s ability to analyze user data and then offer predictions on trends and patterns, empowering further the designers to make informed decisions. With this understanding of user data and preferences designers can create interfaces that resonate more with their target audiences.

From building chatbots for seamless interaction to the voice user interfaces, AI and natural language processing offering game changing UX interactions. With virtual assistants today like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri that are voice-activated, offer hands free navigation, they are already setting new standards for user engagement.

Designers who master the AI integration will be able to open door to unmatched creativity and efficiency, leading to a wide options in their career opportunities. Learn the apt skills with Strate School of Design’s Interaction Design programme for a successful career in UX design incorporating the use of emerging technologies.

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