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Become a design innovator: Discover the unique courses at Strate

Do you have a passion for design and seek to become a design innovator that has a human-centric design approach?

Then your search ends here at Strate. Recognized as one of the prestigious institutions, Strate School of Design offers design students a wide array of diverse courses aimed to cultivate their creative potential and boost their design career forward at a global level.

Strate School of Design has been fostering creative education and innovation for close to 30 years and has been at the forefront of revolutionising design education, preparing students to tackle the challenges of modern world.

Strate, Bangalore, has a unique approach to design education that sets it apart from other institutions. The range of holistic programmes take a comprehensive approach, ensuring that students gain a deep understanding of user-centered design, ergonomics, materials, manufacturing processes and market analysis. The course curriculum is designed in a fashion where it combines theoretical knowledge with hands on projects experiences that enable students to develop a strong foundation, build an industry network and gain the practical skills required in our dynamic world.

With a comprehensive portfolio of courses, Strate School of Design, Bangalore specialized in various disciplines including Product Design, Transportation Design, Interaction Design, Visual Communication design and Brand Identity. Interested in shaping the future of mobility, or crafting intuitive use experiences, communicating visually, or building strong brand identities – Strate offers a perfect course to match all your aspirations.

Product Design

The Product Design programme from Strate enables graduates to:

  • Design, create, and bring to life the next great product concept.
  • Have a deep understanding of product design principles and techniques.
  • Understand people’s needs, identify opportunities for innovation, visualize ideas, and realize solutions.
  • Understand core visual, creative, technical, and analytical skills, along with knowledge of materials, technologies, manufacturing processes, trends, and sustainability.

The Product design course is offered as a Bachelors programme, Master programme and as a 5-year integrated (Bachelors and Masters) programme.

Transportation Design

The Transportation Design programme at Strate enables graduates to:

  • Design on the global vision of mobility issues, dive into automotive design, urban mobility, and sustainable transportation.
  • Learn about ergonomics, user experiences and concept development.
  • Create user centric experiences post detailed user research, user experience design, prototyping, and evaluation.
  • Learn the application of human intuition and the interaction of technology with objects and people.
  • Develop the skills to shape the future of transportation design.
  • Design, build, research and create innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing mobility solutions and designs.

The Transportation design course is offered as a Bachelors programme, Master programme and as a 5-year integrated (Bachelors and Masters) programme.

Interaction Design

The Interaction Design programme at Strate enable graduates to:

  • Explore the interaction of technology, human behaviours, and design.
  • Learn to create intuitive and engaging user experiences.
  • Develop skills in user research, information architecture and prototyping.
  • Embrace emerging technologies and design for a connected world.
  • Design meaningful interactions – more interactive and immersive in nature- between people and spaces, products, objects that will radically change the rhythm of our daily lives.
  • Learn to mindfully design with strong emphasis on the ethical and societal implication of design.

The Interaction design course is offered as a Bachelors programme, Master programme and as a 5-year integrated (Bachelors and Masters) programme.

Visual Communication and Brand Identity Design

The Visual Communication and Brand Identity Design programme at Strate enables graduates to:

  • Master the art of visual storytelling and brand communication.
  • Learn the fine art of graphic design, branding, typography, and illustration.
  • Develop skills in crafting effective visual identities and brand strategies.
  • Gain a deep understanding of visual communication in the digital age.
  • Learn the intersection of technology with design – learning the capabilities of emerging technologies like AR/VR in branding and visual communication space.
  • Become a specialist design who combines the function and design of communication, strategic and operational thinking, and graphic and spatial design.

The Visual Communication and Brand Identity design course is offered as a Bachelors programme, Master programme and as a 5-year integrated (Bachelors and Masters) programme.

What further makes Strate a true global design institute is their

  1. industry relevance and
  2. international opportunities offered.

All design programmes at Strate come with French pedagogy in collaboration with industry experts. Students have access to state-of-the-art design tools and learn from renowned experts and industry professionals who bring their extensive experience and expertise to the classroom to mentor students.

The two-week educational visit to Paris, semester-exchange opportunities and other international collaborations for workshops, design competitions and masterclasses foster a global perspective and expands students’ professional networks.

With strong career guidance available for the students along with Strate’s mandatory internships period for all courses, when you join Strate School of Design, you embark on a journey to unleash your design potential, acquire invaluable skills, and shape a successful career in the dynamic design field.

Learn about the unique courses at Strate, Bangalore on starte.in and begin your journey as a design innovator.

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