Applications of color theory by top brands
  • 20/05/2021
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Applications of Color Theory By Top Brands

Applications of Color Theory By Top Brands

When you hear the word “love,” what comes to mind? It almost certainly evokes a stronger emotional reaction than a term like “bike rack,” whether positive or negative.

Emotions are powerful, and they influence our decision-making. You want to build a deep emotional bond with your customers as a brand. You cannot depict the whole story of a company in a logo or storefront—but branding colors give you a direct line to your customers’ hearts.

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Color theory has been linked by psychologists to the evolution of humans; associations with specific colors formed over time as a result of years of associating them with specific objects.

Let’s go through some of the popular brands making use of the science behind color theory at their best to add a splash of magic to their brand identity!

Tiffany & Co. – Blue color

Recognizing the value of its iconic robin egg blue color, the company agreed to patent and standardize it, making it easier to produce and print and stopping rivals from using it in their branding. The color now has its own Pantone Matching System (PMS) number, “Blue 1837,” which commemorates Tiffany & Co.’s founding year.

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McDonald’s – Red & Golden

When we look at a well-known brand like McDonald’s, we can see how, in the right situation, the “Golden Arches” are meant to cause a sensory domino effect; it’s almost impossible not to think of the iconic McDonald’s® red cardboard fries container, which then activates the scent of sticky, salty fries. This Pavlovian answer elicits a ride to McDonald’s by effectively invoking the scent or taste of French fries.

Although the color is only one component of a branding toolkit that also includes typography, photography, and iconography as equally essential members, we recognize its power in communicating a brand’s persona and want to learn more about it.

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Crown Royal – Purple

Value and exclusivity come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, the color purple has long been associated with royalty. This may have anything to do with how complicated it was to make purple dyes in ancient times. These dyes were extracted from Murex rock snails in a labor-intensive process that required tens of thousands of snails and a large amount of time. Color is correlated with meaning dependent on economic conditions and resource scarcity in this case. Crown Royal is a prime example of a brand that uses purple (and a crown motif) to align itself with royalty.

Amex Black card – Black

Color may also be used to convey a sense of worth. Black is mostly used to reflect high-end brands. Black can be associated with elegance and exclusivity, as well as superior engineering. It’s also sometimes used to denote intellect. This is shown by the Amex Black Card, which is so exclusive that it is not even possible to apply for it — it is only available by invitation.

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Apple – White

Apple has one of the most popular branding stories in history, making it one of the most valuable brands on the planet. They changed consumer perceptions of white, which is traditionally associated with purity, innocence, simplicity, and perfection, to consistency and creativity. Their brand color white — a blank canvas — perfectly represents their minimalist style. Color, in their case, is a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining their brand image and outlasting trends.

Prada Sunglasses

Prada’s handcrafted glasses frames come in the brand’s iconic signature palette of black, brown, grey, green, and cream tones.

These pure colors are used to turn a plain shape into a provocative yet modern-day style and differentiate the brand.

Prada has a reputation for excellence among fashion experts thanks to their bold, distinctive designs. The most recent collections have a fantastic feel for outstanding quality and style.

Color will also ensure that all target groups feel embraced and respected by the brand by ensuring that interactions across digital touchpoints are consistent with the overall brand.

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