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The myths of UX design

UX – user experience, isn’t simply about drafting interframes, it also plays a pivotal role in the strategy phase for businesses. UX aids brands and companies in conducting user research, analysis and looking deeply…

  • 19/09/2022

Product thinking – the next big thing in UX design

User experience is about thinking simple, building a beautiful, easy to use set of features in a product that makes a users life easy. When a product is built its features are only one…

  • 05/09/2022

How to make your product design more inclusive & accessible

As a brand or a designer, one should be looking to make their product more accessible and inclusive. We are living in a digitally connected and running world where digital solutions and products are…

  • 28/08/2022

Designing for emotions and mindsets

In design it is imperative to get an understanding of who you are designing for, the users,- this means – what are their cultural, emotional and psychological needs. A UX researcher is usually confronted…

  • 22/08/2022

Emerging trend of strategic design

In our complex world, businesses are seeking answers in Strategic Design. It’s the future implication of our ever-changing and evolving world today where strategic design plays a vital role. What is strategic design? Strategic…

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