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  • 07/02/2022
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What can you do with a Brand Identity design degree?

What can you do with a Brand Identity design degree?

The collection of all aspects that a firm generates to project the right image to its customers is known as brand identity. Logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging contribute to a brand’s identity, which complements and strengthens the company’s reputation. New customers are attracted to a company by its identity, while old customers are made to feel safe and secure.

It takes more than just defining the visual brand components to create a brand identity. In the end, a brand’s image is determined by how it is regarded throughout time. A unified brand strategy requires consistency in appearance and tone.

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The entire brand messaging that defines how customers perceive your brand in the market is known as brand identity design. Your brand’s culture and values, position in the market, and brand images are the three components of brand identity design. Intangible and physical elements such as company culture and messaging are used by businesses to communicate their brand identity design to customers.

Brand identity design is used by all of the world’s most recognized companies. Apple’s visual image of a bitten apple, as well as the creation of its products, are intimately linked. A single swoosh communicates Nike’s brand identity. People remember a company based on its appearance and the message it sends out as a whole.

Few stats to justify why you should go for  brand identity design degree.

  • The aggregate value of 100 most valuable brands account to 7.1 in 2021 ( Source: Statista)
  • Customers having an emotional connect with a brand ( which can be done by working on the brand identity design aspects) reported a 306% higher lifetimevalue (

Graphic design versus brand identity design

In terms of branding, it’s critical to recognize that a Graphic Designer and a Brand Identity Designer serve two very different roles. A graphic designer is defined as someone who “assembles images, typography, or motion graphics to produce a piece of design” in the graphic design and graphic arts business. A graphic designer primarily designs graphics for printed, electronic, or published media, and advertising.

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You can collaborate with a graphic designer to create a stunning logo. However, you will almost always be in charge of the design’s direction. Tell the designer what you want, and they will build something based on your specifications. You are the expert, and the designer is the one who puts your ideas into action. That type of partnership isn’t always a bad thing — employing a graphic designer for your logo is a terrific alternative if you’re a new business owner still gaining your bearings. The procedure isn’t as involved, and the turnaround time is usually short.

The benefit of hiring a brand identity designer with a strategic emphasis is that you’ll know exactly how your brand will be communicated and what it stands for before you start designing. The strategy directs the design of your logo, fonts, colors, and photos, as well as the overall image of your company. They will play a more significant role in the process of creating your brand. Their part is to steer the brand’s path based on a few crucial factors.

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A brand identity designer is engaged to help with the evaluation and definition of a brand. In other words, they ensure that a company’s mission, purpose, and goals are reflected in its brand’s language and visual elements. That being said, a graphic designer and a brand identity designer are not the same things.

Career options after a Brand Identity design degree

Brand Designer

A brand designer contributes to developing brand strategies for client projects, such as concepts that display insight and originality, solutions that engage audiences, and verbal or visual manifestations of ideas. They must investigate the client and subject, grasp the client’s objectives, and general awareness of the commercial content to understand the business case or client brief. To make all initiatives a creative and commercial success, they engage with other communities, including planners, account and project managers, artists, and third-party providers such as copywriters, photographers, illustrators, and animators.

Creative Director

A creative director with a brand identity design degree serves as a liaison between creative personnel and management. Creative directors ensure that all products and experiences are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest levels of quality. They are senior executives with a demonstrated track record of successful communication, innovation, and high-level design problem-solving. A creative director oversees the whole design process as well as critical technical decisions, in addition to articulating a company’s creative vision to design teams and stakeholders.

Visual Designer

The brand identity of a firm can serve as a powerful symbol to the public about who they are and what they have to offer. Visual designers manage and adapt a brand for the most outstanding results. A visual designer is a communications expert in charge of creating and maintaining a company’s visual features across all platforms. They can work for major multinational enterprises as well as tiny, local firms.

Communications Designer

A communications designer’s objective is to establish a connection between the spectator and the visuals. He/she will evaluate the content they want to transmit and effectively engage the viewer before deciding on the visuals. They’ll think about what would grab a viewer’s attention first, audience associations, and the psychology behind how design aspects affect people’s moods. They produce designs that convey a message more quickly than words while also ensuring that the message is clear and appealing.

Rebranding & Corporate Identity Designer

The act of modifying an organization’s corporate image is known as rebranding. It’s a marketing strategy that involves giving an existing brand a new name, symbol, or design change. The goal of rebranding is to differentiate a company’s identity from its competitors in the marketplace.

They collaborate relentlessly with the marketing department to ensure that every detail of the brand strategy is perfect. To ensure a strategic picture of the firm and future market potential, they must communicate with other departments such as finance, marketing communications, sales, and product development. They must use consumer research and keep track of market developments. As a result, having a good understanding of the target market and potential target markets is crucial.

Strate School of Design’s Brand Identity & Visual Communications design program makes you a specialist designer who combines the function and design of communication, strategic and operational thinking, and graphic and spatial design. To be an identity designer, you must give form to emotions, experiences, and information in a complex network of human-to-human interactions within the context of a brand’s material and immaterial universe.

We at Strate are committed to developing engaged and socially conscious professionals who will serve as agents of change, activists, and advocates in the workplace, society, and the environment.

Our program is tailored to meet the communication and marketing needs of various industry sectors, using both new and old methods, resources, and platforms. The importance of mastering foundational abilities, design processes, and conceptual thinking outweigh learning to use computer tools and software. The use of learning in the context of visual communication and brand identity will be enabled by inputs from user-centric design and strategic design, such as qualitative and quantitative research methods and various brand models. Owing to our French pedagogy of learning and world class faculties and quality projects, we have grown to be one of the top design colleges in India and the best design college in Bangalore for Brand Identity Design degree.

For more details on the admission and fees, visit our website Our academic counselors can guide you through the program details and admission process.

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