Strate Design School at Saudi Design Week
  • 01/12/2019
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Strate Design School at Saudi Design Week

Strate Design School at Saudi Design Week

The 6th edition of Saudi Design Week took place in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, between November 5 and November 9. Strate Design School took part!

On the occasion of this new edition of Saudi Design Week, Strate Design School was invited by the French Embassy in Saudi Arabia and Campus France Saudi Arabia to participate in this event.

Saudi Design Week aims to promote design in Saudi Arabia and to enhance Saudi design, in general. This event is open to the general public and brings together all types of people, such as young designers, business leaders, exhibitors – creators in innovation and design.

During the Saudi Design Week, Strate was represented by Guillaume Lom Puech, director of Strate, Lyon School of Design. He led a workshop and masterclass on a given theme, the subject chosen this year was: “Designing Happiness”. He showcased how Strate implements the concept of happiness through design, in order to create successful living conditions.

During this design week many international representatives of design were present, which allowed enriching exchanges on their different visions of design. Thanks to the opportunity that the French Embassy in Saudi Arabia and Campus France Saudi Arabia have given us, Strate was able to show its vision of design.

Guillaume Lom Puech, Director of Strate School of Design, Lyon, representative of the Strate Group, led a conference during which he gave a global presentation of Strate, its values, its ambitions, and challenges for which the school works and more in order to simply expose his vision of design and at the same time provide his answer to the theme of the 6th edition of Saudi Design Week: What does it take to design for happiness? What do we need to design, create happiness?

New University Relationships

This design week has allowed Strate to create university relationships, notably with three major Saudi universities. To do so, Guillaume Lom Puech was invited to visit these universities specializing in teaching design, architecture and engineering, namely the Princess Noura University (PNU), Al Yamamah University, and Dar Al Uloom University (DAU).

Official meetings with the Directors of the universities made it possible to establish a dialogue about design, the relationship between Strate and these universities, and the positioning of Strate Design School at an international level.

Finally, Guillaume Lom Puech was a member of a jury. It was in his personal capacity that he took part in the evaluation of mid-term projects of students in fourth year at the University of Al Yamamah.

A week that ended on a high note, a conclusion that promises a great collaborative future between Strate School of Design and Saudi universities.

This article was translated from French. Read the original article here.

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