M.Des with Specialization in Space Design

Space Design Program

Program Head Strate, France: Anne Bugugnani, Designer

Space Design Course: Highlighting the Experience of Access to a Product

In the Space DesignA? course, students learn how to imagine places through the sensory, physical and emotional experience that volumes, light and materials provide.

Space is a dimension that we have all integrated. We are born there and we evolve there. Space surrounds us, protects us, and influences our thoughts, our emotions and our individual and collective behaviours. Being a space designer means having the ambition to transform collective spaces by improving the way their occupants live, work, play, exchange, and prosper.

What will you learn?

Space design not just encompasses all aspects of typical interior design courses and public space design; it takes them to a whole different level. Hence, it isn`t a run-of-the-mill interior design course or just that. Students learn to think and design commercial, work, health, and culture spaces and environments that take into account the stakes of services, flows, identities, information, and product staging in the digital era.

Curriculum for the Space Design specialization.

The first two years are common for all specializations. It is in the third year that you opt for your preferred course. Click on each year to see what the space design course involves.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5


The 1st year is essentially dedicated to the artistic skills, basic tools for the designer.

Representation & Visualisation 1
622 hours
Material & process 1
45 hours
Additional Culture 1
156 hours
Design Project 1
268 hours
Professionnalisation 1
24 hours


The 2nd year extends the training from year one and starts initiations in the several majors offered, as well as in the 2D and 3D software and marketing. An entry-level internship is also required.

Representation & Visualisation 2
502 hours
Material & process 2 (Product)
83 hours
Additional Culture 2
192 hours
Design Projects 2
288 hours
Professionnalisation 1
75 hours
Internship 1

Space Design:

Design Projects & methodology
187 hours
Material & process 2 (Space)
27 hours
Design Culture 1 (Space)
131 hours
Additional Culture 2
72 hours
Additional Culture 2
72 hours
Representation & Vizualisation 2 (Space)
147 hours
Professionnalisation 3
78 hours
Internship 2

Space Design:

International Semester
Industry sponsored Projects
198 hours
Design Culture 3
59 hours
Additional Culture 3
72 hours
Representation & Vizualisation 4 (Space)
154 hours
Thesis 1
110 hours
Professionnalisation 4
24 hours


The 5th year is essentially focused on the diploma project (thesis and project). There is also a collaborative project in partnership with business and engineering schools. It ends with a graduating internship.

Thesis 2
166 hours
Inter-disciplinary project
90 hours
90 hours
Professionnalisation 5
54 hours
Project Follow up
520 hours
English classes are delivered throughout the five years of study, as well as a work on writing skills.

Career Opportunities

A Space Designer’s main function is to design and maximize the utilization of piece of land or space, which includes both exterior and interior designing.

Career avenues in Space Design include,

  • Building Space Planner
  • Interior Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Office Space Designer
  • Retail Space Planner
  • Space Management Consultant

and many more.

Admission and Fees
If you are looking for a good exterior or interior design course in Bangalore, or for that matter, a comprehensive space design program, look no further. The Space Design specialization from Strate is the program for you.

You can opt for the Space Design specialization in the third year of study.

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