Making of a new designer
  • 20/09/2021
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An open talk on making of a new designer

An open talk on making of a new designer

Making of a new Designer, an initiative by Sales force was held on 28th Aug 2021 over a virtual call. Thomas Dal, Dean, Strate School of Design was invited as a special  guest  to this two hour  design event.

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After the hit of Covid19 pandemic, the new normal has shaken every concept or structure we used to base our thinking around. From studios moving to home to Site visits happening over zoom and boundaries blurring for home, campus, everything has been put through a reset lens.  The “New Designer” initiative was a part of finding ways to train and teach emerging designers to be future ready and to make them deal with real life challenges post Covid crisis, without attending in person classes and workshops.

We, Strate School of Design are extremely proud that Thomas  had been invited as a panellist among eminent panellists from several esteemed design institutions of India.  Dr. Udaya Kumar, Associate professor IIT, Guwahati, Prof. Shakti Banerjee, head of Immersive Media Design and Nijoo Dubey, Head of NID Bangalore were among the ones to share the revered panel apart from Thomas.

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In the event, the word “New” was especially stressed to define the post pandemic phase and its connotation to the “New” normal. What it takes to on board  a student, and immerse him/ her in the design process, going through foundation year, learning aesthetics, working on models all in a home environment or simulated studio were the topics discussed during the event. Apart from them, considering what triggers students identified  post the pandemic crisis and how to make the new Designer ‘Industry ready ‘or adaptable are the prime focus of  the event.

Thomas, on how Strate as a global school adapted to the changes pandemic brought and how he helped the school to recourse its path said. “First months were difficult.

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Teaching was conducted online. Our 4 international campuses from, France, India, Singapore & Lyon shared digital tools, process and digital teaching methods. Exchanging and discussing them with other worldwide schools, in an attempt to find out the best practices were our focus areas during the critical phase. Our main concerns were to keep the spirit and energy high during the classes to engage the students and make the best of the online time.”

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“Keeping in mind about maintaining a fine balance of digital and physical is this hour of crisis, we engaged approximately 25% more faculty time, counselling, discussing to ensure that our student are not distracted from their goal….  We included the students in the evolution process by having once a week an all students meeting to discuss, evaluate and propose enhancement of the course process, methods, tools, pace etc. Thomas added.

Upon being asked the same question to Prof. Udaya from Guwahati IIT, the panellist replied that changing tools, remote facilitation, research etc. help students to deal with the change and keep students engaged creatively.

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Apart from the mentioned topics, how augmented reality and virtual classrooms are helping students cope with the” New” normal was discussed during the event.

With all the changes the pandemic has brought, it has become a challenge for both design educators as well as student to carry on with teaching learning at a normal pace. From all these challenges and obstacles, what emerges out is what the world is looking for, the birth of a designer to make life More simple, more just and more beautiful for one and all. It is the rise of a “New” designer, who is geared with the skills required to identify opportunities, to adapt to all changes, coming up with novel ways to collaborate, and to address problems as they arise without losing touch of the core.


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