Corporate Partners and Collaborators of Strate School of Design

Design is a lever for strategic business development. Therefore, at Strate School of Design, we train different stakeholders involved in your growth and our pedagogy is built around a strong relationship with key market players.
A Dedicated Team

Strate School of Design is a place for ongoing dialogue and collaboration with your company. Whether you want to find a trainee, become a partner or recruit a young graduate, the development and business relationship management is at hand. We can also benefit from your apprenticeship tax to improve teaching conditions offered to our students.

An open and responsive structure

Developed in close association with professionals, Strate School of Design has set up governance bodies, which allows it to both establish its policies and consistently synchronize them with the changes of the world.

3 committees, comprising distinguished men and women recognized by their peers, guide and advise the school management:

  • Professional Committee
  • Scientific Committee
  • Alumni Committee

Signing of framework agreements

In anticipation of the developments in the design and innovation sectors, we are entering into long term strategic partnerships.

Every 6 months, we examine how we can integrate them into the training (projects, courses, master class, conference) at Strate. We identify opportunities for upcoming internships in France or abroad, and share our visions of the future by seeking to be associated with them. Our partners regularly act as members of our juries.

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Become a Strate partner!

Let our students work on prospective projects. To draw on the energy, freshness, creativity and freedom of thought of our students: that is the aim of our industrial Design partnerships.

Once your specifications have been defined, a group of students (between 15 and 25) will rely on the school resources (computer science, Fab Lab, Ateliers) to find a solution. They will be supervised by a professional designer, and will implement the methodology and expertise of the designer to come up with innovative answers to your questions.

Projects can take many forms:

  • Sprint: Dedicated week-long
  • Mid-term: 2 months with a weekly follow-up
  • Substantive : 5 months with a weekly follow-up

The deliverables are typically those of the designers: trends, concepts, scenarios, scenario of use, model, video, 3D, boards, etc. Strate Design School and project participants always sign confidentiality clauses, and a contract of assignment of rights is signed between the partner and the school.

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For Your Company, Point of Contact in Strate:

If you would you like to be our partner, propose a project for a group of students, are looking for trainees, or want to hire designers, please contact Thomas Dal, Director & Dean, Strate School of Design, Bengaluru.

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