What Is Design Thinking and Why Do You Need It ?
  • 20/11/2017
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What Is Design Thinking and Why Do You Need It ?

What Is Design Thinking and Why Do You Need It ?

All the best design schools in the world include one fundamental concept in their teaching design thinking. A concept that is, today, established in every level of an organization from design to service, from finance and even to management.

Design is often mistaken as merely what you see; that it is something which makes an object `look good`, but it is much more than that. Design, definitely, encompasses the aesthetics of a product but also includes its functionality as well. Companies such as Apple, Google, and GE have emerged as the most innovative companies in the world. It`s because their products go above and beyond the average. Their products, no doubt, look good, but they include features never before imagined. A key reason for their rise is their adoption and application of the concept of design thinking in all their products and services. And their level of success is quite evident.
Design thinking, by definition, is a process which combines creative and critical thinking to provide solutions to everyday problems.

Design thinking involves 5 crucial processes for solving a problem.

  • Empathy: The designer must comprehend users experiences, motivations, and expectations to gain a deeper understanding of the issue.
  • Definition: Once the issue is understood and identified, it needs to be defined appropriately. This allows the designer to gather the right information, which will in turn help solve the issue.
  • Ideation: Ideation is where you start generating ideas and work out the best way to proceed with the solution.
  • Prototyping: Every idea needs a working model that can be tested and refined before going into full-scale implementation. A prototype is an inexpensive way to create the best possible solution for the issue.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing provides insights that help redefine the problem. It is during this stage that the product, service, or process is refined and altered, providing the desired result.

Now, why is design thinking critical for a designer or company?

Applying the outcomes from design thinking allows you to create the right solutions to user problems. The one major benefit of design thinking is it provides a simple and methodical approach to solving a real problem. Design thinking enables designers to ask relevant questions, find the root cause of a problem, find all possible solutions, and create a workable product, service, or process. Thus, an organization whose culture involves design thinking tends to gain tremendously.

Design thinking traverses multiple ranks in an organization and diverse industries. Hence, an increasing number of schools and colleges are including design thinking in their training.

Strate School of Design, Bangalore is one place where your design thinking is honed the right way and transformed into a design doing. As You get to work on your ideas and convert them into working prototypes. It`s not just theoretical knowledge that`s imparted at Strate; it’s all about the application of that knowledge for the social, economic, and cultural good of humankind. This is possible only if design thinking is encouraged and nurtured. All the best design schools do. And Strate School of Design, being one of the premier design schools in Bangalore, does as well.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in design or want to learn to solve real-world problems via design thinking, join one of the best design schools in Bangalore, Strate School of Design.

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