The Role of a Packaging Designer (Identity Design)
  • 10/01/2020
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The Role of a Packaging Designer (Identity Design)

The Role of a Packaging Designer (Identity Design)

Packaging is the ultimate support for a product at the point of sale. It must provide an immediate response to many issues: use, value, health, ecology, and pleasure.

Packaging design is a design concept that interfaces the product and the end-user, in order to serve the integrity of packaged products and also the safety of consumers. Strate offers packaging design as part of its Identity Design program.

Packaging Design is a combination of functional design and communication. The designer takes the systemic approach of the lifecycle of a product and the couple it forms with its packaging container. He/she is particularly attentive to sustainable issues, as the packaging has no value and becomes waste once it is emptied of its contents. The Packaging Designer must nevertheless take care to use this medium as a communication interface that highlights the benefits and advantages of the content.

The Packaging Designer is involved in industry issues and is constantly listening to technological innovations that serve his/her purpose. This course is for people who have a systemic approach to the function design of packaging and bottles.

Identity Designer

The Purpose of a Packaging Designer

The qualities required at this stage of experience and skills are the ability to understand branding issues and products in terms of positioning and strategic issues and translate them into a creative proposal.

The instant interface between the product and its user, packaging – whether for a consumer product or luxury – is filled with many functions and requires the designer to handle many issues:

  • Protect the packaged product and allow the easiest and most ergonomic use possible (packaging is a facilitator)
  • Create a singular voluminal and graphic personality with a strong imaginary territory (a bottle of perfume) or facilitate everyday ergonomics while communicating health benefits (a repairing shower gel)
  • Subscribe to the requirements of eco-design and be recyclable (empty packaging becomes waste)
  • Be in-line with the values ??and codes of the proposing brand as well as current expectations and trends of consumers (the packaging is one of the levers of development of the brand offer)

Average Salary Identity Designer

The Skills of a Packaging Designer

  • Mastery of colour, typography, image, and hierarchy
  • Good draftsperson and thinker
  • Illustrator + Photoshop + 3D software + graphic chain
  • Love of materials and their processes
  • Eco-responsibility
  • Addicted to trends
  • Autonomy and teamwork
  • Sense of detail and perceived quality

This article was translated from French. You can read the original article here.

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