Test the limits of your creativity.
If you are between the ages of 16 and 23, then this is for you.

Mechathon “The Race” 2019

Venue: Aruani Grid Dommasandra Bengaluru 562125, Karnataka

Event Date: December 14, 2019  |   Last Date to Register: December 8, 2019


Participation is through INVITATION ONLY.

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What, according to you, is most important in design?

Have you designed/drawn a car before?

Are you interested in a career in design?


Is design to you, a hobby or passion?

Explain, in 200 words or less, why you are a better car designer than anyone else?



Two prizes will be awarded based on speed and originality.
The fastest team – INR 1,50,000
The most creative team – INR 50,000

Event Schedule

08:00 AM
Teams check-in (list of teams issued on posters)
09:00 AM
Briefing by officials
10:00 AM
Kart design and building
03:30 PM
One compulsory test run per racing team
04:30 PM
06:00 PM
Awards ceremony


For the first time in India, a competition unlike any other, that will test the limits of your creativity.

Mechathon “The Race” 2019 is the place where your creativity is at an all-time high. Hosted by Strate School of Design, one of the top Design colleges in the world, Mechathon 2019 will feature young designers, such as yourself, showcasing their talents.

The event will be a testament to your design prowess. Strate has always emphasized the need for learning by ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’. Mechathon is all about ‘doing’. It is a competition – not between teams, but minds. It is a race – not between peers, but creativity.

It’s all about what you can create with what you have.


  • Racing teams have a timed session of 6 hours to build a racing push/pull kart from parts provided by THE RACE Organisation Team ONLY.
  • On completing the kart, teams are required to conduct trial runs and safety checks as the karts will race on a specific track.
  • The winning team will be the one that will finish first (timed or rank) after all competition rounds.


Founded in 1993, Strate School of Design is now recognized as a leading French institute in the world of design. Over the years, Strate has built strong partnerships with major French and international schools and universities. The school offers an Integrated Master in Design program with specializations in Transportation, Product, Interaction, Identity, and the upcoming Space.

At Strate, professionals who are doyens in their respective fields, conduct courses to train the students in different techniques. Professional designers will induct them in the methodology and train them in project management. Experts impart marketing and technical knowledge as well provide engineering and professional support. In addition, certified teachers deliver language and social science classes.

Rules of Mechathon “THE RACE” 2019

Registering for THE RACE

  • It is mandatory to register online before December 8, 2019 at https://strate.in/the-race/. If you face any issues with the registration process, please contact +91-855-008-0033.
  • Entry is FREE for all participants.

Admission of Teams

  • THE RACE Organisation Team will permit teams to take part in THE RACE according to details and specifications given through the online registration form.
  • Participation is via INVITATION ONLY.
  • Submission of the form allows you to register your team. Registration does not guarantee an invitation.
  • Individuals (single participant) can also register. But please note, you may be grouped with other teams. 

The Racing Karts

  • The karts will be vehicles with minimum 3 (three) wheels, without an engine, built from different materials (wood, cardboard, metal, etc.) and parts provided by THE RACE Organisation Team.
  • Each kart must be equipped with a steering and braking system (steering wheel, handlebar, etc.).
  • The kart must be customized/decorated creatively (ads for alcohol or tobacco are prohibited). Feel free to add any funny or wacky designs. Be creative!
  • Participants can bring their own decorative items. Jury will decide whether those items are permitted or not.
  • The kart will also have to be numbered according to the Organisation Team’s list (see technical regulations).
  • The kart must not be equipped with any device, parts, or elements that could be dangerous for the driver, other competing teams, or spectators. Its design must allow the driver to escape the vehicle easily (if needed).
  • Every kart will be subjected to a security check and can be pulled from the race if it does not meet safety standards.

Kart Assembling and Building

  • Each kart will be built by the racing team members only. No one else is allowed to help in building the kart.
  • Racing teams are allowed to bring non-electrical tools only. For some additional tooling or machining (if required), building assistants from THE RACE Organisation Team will help.
  • Any other kind of help (parents, family, friends, etc.) will lead to the disqualification of the team.

Presentation of Vehicles

  • The karts should be presented on Saturday at 4:00 PM at the starting line.
  • The director of THE RACE is the only one who can refuse a vehicle to race if it does not comply with the rules and, in particular, the safety and balance of the vehicle.

The Racing Team

  • The Racing Teams should consist of a maximum of 5 persons, and a minimum of 3.
  • The driver(s) and team members must each be wearing a helmet when racing.
  • Participants can bring their own helmet. Racing team and driver must wear closed shoes (slippers prohibited).
  • Participants should be between 16 and 23 years of age. The age of the current calendar year is considered.
  • In all cases, participants must hold a valid student card. Minors must provide written authorization from a legal representative.

Running of THE RACE

  • The only energy allowed to cause the racing karts to move is the effect of pushing or pulling by only racing team members not designated as the driver(s).
  • Each team needs at least one driver per kart.
  • During THE RACE, drivers must respect the instructions of the safety marshals located on THE RACE track.
  • There will be two flags: a red flag indicating that THE RACE is neutralized, after which karts must stop and obey the instructions of the Commissioner. If the stopped kart is not the cause of race neutralization, participants will be allowed to restart their race. A green flag will signal that the track is free of danger.


  • Remember, you are responsible for your behaviour towards other teams and your own safety.
  • THE RACE Organisation Team decline all responsibility in the event of thefts, incidents, or accidents during this event.
  • The racing teams and the driver(s) are responsible for what is built and installed on THE RACE kart including chassis dimensions, wheels (inflating the tyres is the responsibility of the racing team), axles, brakes, etc.


  • THE RACE Organisation Team are not liable for possible accidents between participants and damage to third parties. Participants civil liability will be their insurance.
  • THE RACE Organisation Team declines all responsibility and shall not be held responsible for any accident occurring during the race. Thus, we will ask you for proof of insurance as well as a signed discharge concerning us.

Executive Committee

  • THE RACE Organisation Team will consist of a race director and at least three race marshals at the start, mid-course, and finish points.


  • The safety of the course is assured by the owner of THE RACE circuit. His/her staff will be able to come and go as they see fit and will enforce the safety instructions.

Legal Clauses

  • All participants in THE RACE authorize THE RACE Organisation Team to publish their contact details as well as their image and that of their karts (photography/film), without this giving them any other rights, remunerations or allowances than the awarding of the prizes awarded to the winners.

Technical Regulation

  • Only karts that comply with these regulations will be timed. Non-compliant karts can participate in THE RACE but will not be timed. They will not be able to enter the final classification.
  • Only THE RACE director or THE RACE jury can authorize the participation of a kart in THE RACE.
  • The steering is operated by a handlebar or steering wheel provided by the Organisation. It is recommended to ensure that each movement of the handlebar/steering wheel is transmitted to the wheels with minimum clearance.
  • There is no limit on the weight of the karts.
  • The driver will be seated in a plastic seat provided by the Organisation fixed to the chassis.
  • The resistance of the materials used for the assembly of the elements constituting the kart (resistance to traction and wear) has to be checked before THE RACE (no string, thread, tape, fabric, etc.)
  • Materials presenting risks of bursting or causing injuries are prohibited.

For more details, contact: