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for Mechathon “The Race” 2019

Share your posts on Instagram using the hashtags #TheRace and #MechathonRace.

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Last date to get maximum likes: November 16, 2019

Remember, both the number of likes and our jury votes decide if you’ll be our lucky winner.

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* Please read the Rules below before submitting your entries

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INR 10,000 or INR 50,000 scholarship (winner’s choice)

2nd Prize: INR 5000 or INR 25,000 scholarship
3rd Prize: INR 3000 or INR 15,000 scholarship

Maximum Instagram Likes: INR 5000 or INR 25,000 scholarship


Last date for poster submissions: November 06, 2019

Last date to get maximum likes: November 16, 2019


For the first time in India, a competition unlike any other, that will test the limits of your creativity.

Mechathon “The Race” 2019 is the place where your creativity is at an all-time high. Hosted by Strate School of Design, one of the top Design colleges in the world, Mechathon 2019 will feature young designers showcasing their talents.


Founded in 1993, Strate School of Design is now recognized as a leading French institute in the world of design. Over the years, Strate has built strong partnerships with major French and international schools and universities. The school offers an Integrated Master in Design program with specializations in Transportation, Product, Interaction, Identity, and the upcoming Space.

At Strate, professionals who are doyens in their respective fields, conduct courses to train the students in different techniques. Professional designers will induct them in the methodology and train them in project management. Experts impart marketing and technical knowledge as well provide engineering and professional support. In addition, certified teachers deliver language and social science classes.


The poster must include the content below.

  1. Event Name: THE RACE
  2. Base line: LEARNING BY DOING
  4. Date: DECEMBER 14, 2019
  5. Schedule:
    b. 5:00 PM – RACE
    c. 8:00 PM – AWARDS CEREMONY
  6. Organized by: STRATE SCHOOL OF DESIGN
  7. Participants per team: 5
  8. Strate School of Design Logo
  9. Venue: Go karting track (TBD), Bengaluru
  10. Prize Money: INR 2,00,000 
  11. Entertainment: Concert after THE RACE with “The Band” live on stage
  12. Strate website URL: 
  13. Race Page URL: 

Please note: Each of the items listed above should be a part of your poster design. If any of the items is missing, your poster will not be considered for the prize.


Please read all the rules before submitting your entries.

  1. There is no entry fee for participation.
  2. Participants should be between 16 and 22 years of age to be eligible to participate. Participants should produce their school ID card for age proof when asked for.
  3. Participants should upload their work via the submission form on this page.
  4. Poster should be submitted in 1080px X 1080px PNG or JPG format.
  5. The file should be more than 7 MB and less than 15 MB in size.
  6. Pictures, graphs and tables can be included in the poster.
  7. The official language of communication must be English.
  8. No commercial products endorsement will be permitted.
  9. Entries are limited to a maximum of 1 poster per participant.
  10. Hand-Drawn posters are also accepted.
  11. Entries must use the hashtags #TheRace and #MechathonRace 
  12. Entries should also tag @strate_india to be accepted.
  13. Entries submitted post the last date i.e. November 06, 2019 will NOT be accepted.
  14. Entries without the source file will not be considered.
  15. Plagiarism or copycat entries will not be tolerated and will be rejected. In such cases, the first posting on Instagram will be considered.
  16. Entries that do not follow the theme will NOT be accepted.
  17. The top 10 entries will be notified via Instagram or their email ID on November 19, 2019.
  18. If selected for the prize, participants must submit the source file of their designs within November 21, 2019. If the source file (in *.cdr or *.psd or *.ai formats) is not shared or an incorrect source file is shared, the prize money will not disbursed.
  19. Upon submission, participants relinquish all copyrights to their designs all entries become the property of Strate School of Design. 
  20. Strate School of Design holds exclusive rights to the reproduction of all submitted entries.
  21. By participating in the contest, you agree to abide and be bound by the rules set by Strate School of Design, Bangalore.
  22. Entries will be judged on originality, creativity, visual appearance and number of Instagram likes.
  23. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  24. Prizes will be disbursed by crossed account payee cheque or Amazon vouchers. 

For more details, contact: