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The new AI driven tools to help designer’s work

Popularity of AI has been soaring by the day over the past few years. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) together have played a vital and an important role in changing the way we perform various tasks at work, our business operations and more. There are a number of AI and ML tools that have been adopted by multiple businesses across sectors for a few years now.

Gartner reports have shown that 37% of organizations have implemented AI in some aspect and that there has been a 270% growth in organizations adopting AI over the past few years.

In the design world, AI driven tools today are helping designers in product, graphic and identity design, UX/UI design to transportation design. For designers, AI is proving to be their design partner that is making complex tasks easier for them.

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Here is a look into what AI-driven tools are being utilized in the design sector:

Balsamiq: Useful for UX/UI design

When designing, simplicity is one of the priorities of a designer in their creative vision of how the end product will look. Balsamiq comes in handy in this situation, one of its unique offerings is that it allows a designer to focus more on content first and then come to colors.

Balsamiq claims to be an industry standard low-fidelity wireframing tool that is used to generate digital sketches of your concept/ idea for an app or website, it further helps in facilitating discussion and understanding more before a code is written. Balsamiq wireframe offers the experience of a notepad or sketching on a whiteboard (using the computer) by eliminating any colors or other fancy interface design aspects to let the designer focus purely on content first.

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Mockplus: Bridging the gap between design and development

In our AI-driven era when a designer is looking for a tool that helps him/her to implement creativity, communication, material collection and reduce manual labor, Mockplus is their go to tool.

Mockplus is a cloud-based rapid prototyping tool which is used by developers for building interactive prototypes and wireframes. Using Mockplus, designers can now automate design and export their design right from Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch and others. With its pre-built components, icons and drag-and-drop functionalities, Mockplus is one powerful tool that has a low learning curve, helps designers with limited experience to build prototypes effortlessly without any coding.

InVision: Collaborative workspace

Used by over 2 million users across the globe, InVision is one of the most sought after tools giving tough competition to Adobe Wireframe. With InVision, a designer can now create clickable versions of their designs that aids further in testing and presenting it to the clients.

InVision is a prototyping tool created for designers that allows one to easily and quickly build and  create interactive mockups. It is a popular choice today for a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform. The brand in their own words claims to be an online whiteboard that meets a productivity platform, that is also a real time workspace for teams to collaborate better, work faster and move together as a collective.

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Let’s Enhance: A tool for graphic design

A brand engaged in deep tech AI building end-to-end imaging solutions for photo enhancement and optimization. Today the brand’s API is automating image enhancement for Fortune 500 companies.

In graphic design, the creative and visual appeal of a creative along with transparency of the visuals used is highly imperative to getting more eyeballs. Let’s enhance, a powerful AI-powered tool enables the designers to refine the images, enlarge them with distorting them- using ML to further improve low quality of images. This helps designers and brands across the globe to gain control over the quality of user-generated content and make it look more appealing for a high conversion rate. This AI-powered tool helps in producing PNG files, upscaling images by 4x times, maintaining all details and enabling designers to add crucial details to their images. Free graphic design tool

In brands own words, is an online platform that uses proprietary AI technology to make design accessible to everyone

This free and collaborative graphic design tool uses AI to help you turn your design into visually appealing and stunning graphics. This ai-driven tool helps you to create logos, videos, banners, mockups in less than a few minutes. All you need to do is submit your design concept and then click ‘Design It’. will analyze your concept and generate a number of graphic design options.

This is a great tool for freelance designers and consultants who are aiming to offer multiple variations of their original design idea to their clients. It helps to save time, cut costs and simplify workflow.

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Sketch2code: Sketch/design to code converter

An AI powered tool that converts hand drawn and hand written sketches to working HTML prototypes. This powerful tool is from Microsoft AI Lab.

With this innovative and groundbreaking design to HTML converter, once you upload your designs, it will generate code based on your design, be it a logo, website or application. This helps a designer to save time in perfecting pixels before converting to code and aids in faster development of ideas.

Fronty: Design to code converter with added UI editor

An AI-powered webpage design to code converting tool that enables and helps front-end developers and designers to remodel an image into HTML/CSS code. Also helps designers to build website pages by uploading an image of the design. Once a designer has uploaded the image of the sketch/ design – Fronty will automatically generate the front-end code i.e. HTML/CSS in a few minutes.

To further help the designer, their inbuilt UI editor easily offers the designer to edit the content and design of the website online.

Khroma: The AI colour tool for designers

Color plays a crucial role in any form of design and Khroma is here to help designers to envision a chosen color palette. It is a free application tool that uses AI to help designers design with color. With the help of AI it learns which color the designers like and creates multiple palettes to discover, search, save and be inspired by.

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The designer can select these colors from photos that they upload and the app will automatically generate new palettes. It also offers an option to see how your designs or colors chosen will appear to a colour blind person.

Uizard: Sketching-to-prototypes-to-codes

This AI tool is a popular choice amongst designers that aids in automating the design process from sketches to mobile application design and further also generating code from the sketches. A preferred choice today if a designer is seeking to design and test the flow with users.

Uizard as a rapid prototyping tool is used to transform wireframes into prototypes – automatically and export Sketch files, generate codes from sketches and iterate as quickly as possible. A tool that breaks away the problem to transform a low-fidelity wireframe to a high-fidelity wireframe.

At Strate, you will gain more insights into how technology and design are interlinked in our global world, how you can make the most out of these AI tools and application for becoming a successful designer in product, automotive, UI/UX or brand identity and learn various skills that make you industry ready.

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