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Explore the industry-centric Transportation Design programme at Strate

Are you aspiring to become a cutting-edge transportation designer? Ambitious to delve into mobility design to pioneer futuristic solutions? Strate School of Design, Bengaluru, offers a dynamic and industry-centric programme in Transportation Design. Including:…

  • 03/10/2023

Essential design organization in India every student must know

Across the globe and in India, numerous organizations, councils, and associations have been established with the primary objective of driving advancement within the design industry. Their goal is to foster unity amongst the diverse…

  • 22/08/2023

Shaping the future of design excellence: Design Ethos at Strate School of Design

Strate School of Design, Bangalore is a global design school that offers multidisciplinary experience through ambitious course to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Known to train design professionals who will positively impact…

  • 31/07/2023

Exploring career opportunities in Communication Design

Communication design encompasses a variety of roles within the sector and today it is known to blend creativity, business strategy, and technology to effectively convey ideas and information visually. With the introduction of Metaverse,…

  • 26/07/2023

Become a design innovator: Discover the unique courses at Strate

Do you have a passion for design and seek to become a design innovator that has a human-centric design approach? Then your search ends here at Strate. Recognized as one of the prestigious institutions,…

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