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  • 21/10/2022

Trends shaping the future of automotive design

The human desire to stand out has always been a key sense of inspiration in design. With sustainability becoming a larger conversation and part of daily lives, consumers are demanding more from brands in…

  • 14/10/2022

Apple electric car project: What to expect from its design

Apple Inc. is one of the most sought-after consumer electronics, software and online services brands in the globe today and has a large loyal customer base. While Steve Jobs has been a man many…

  • 07/10/2022

5 trends in visual communication and advertisement you must know

Good visuals empower a brand to educate, inform and persuade their audiences through their striking use of imagery, color, typography and form. Visual communication landscape is one that is constantly evolving, shaping new trends…

  • 30/09/2022

How Netflix creates immersive UX design

What Roger Federer is to the game of Tennis, Netflix is to the world of online streaming and entertainment. Disruption, innovation and world class user experience is what Netflix does best. When it comes…

The myths of UX design

UX – user experience, isn’t simply about drafting interframes, it also plays a pivotal role in the strategy phase for businesses. UX aids brands and companies in conducting user research, analysis and looking deeply…

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