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  • 04/07/2023

Leading mind mapping tools for designers

Let’s talk about unlocking creativity and exploring leading mind mapping tools for designers. In our ever-evolving digital landscape today, designers face numerous challenges when it comes to managing complex projects and nurturing creative ideas.…

  • 15/08/2022

Change in the work pattern for designers by 2025

A big question for changing times: What changes are in process now that will impact the work patterns for designers by 2025? What will designers be expected to do, where will they work from,…

Human Centric
  • 03/07/2022

Shift from Human centric design to Humanity centric design

Do you wonder why we are in a fundamental shift from ‘human’ to ‘humanity’ centric design? And how are these two similar sounding words so different from each other? What are the reasons this…

  • 20/06/2022

How metaverse is going to change the way you design things

With Metaverse becoming the next big thing in, a lot of focus is presently being paid on designing this virtual space. From web developers, UI/UX designers to product designers, everyone is involved in shaping…

  • 12/06/2022

The new AI driven tools to help designer’s work

Popularity of AI has been soaring by the day over the past few years. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) together have played a vital and an important role in changing the way…

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