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  • 23/05/2022

Top trends shaping the UX design industry

UX Design (User Experience design) is one ever-changing and fascinating field that works on creating new products, applications, website designs and user interfaces – while engaging with emerging technologies and their evolution. UX design…

  • 06/05/2022

Impact of 3D printing on the future of product design

  Additive manufacturing or 3-dimensional (3D) printing is having a revolutionary impact on product design. The technology is making changes not only in the production side, but also in how they are designed. With…

  • 02/05/2022

Influence of culture on design 

Culture is a set of values that are shared amongst a community. These values are customs, art, social behavior, rituals, norms, knowledge, and habits of individuals in a society, essentially they are a way…

  • 25/04/2022

Evolution of creative sketching

For humans, sketching has been a way to represent and present the world around us and our creative ideas. It is known to be the starting point of many creative design processes where it…

  • 19/04/2022

What UI/UX and emerging technologies can do for Retail Industry?

There is no doubt that the retail sector has changed leaps and bounds over the past decade. With technology aiding the sector in ways unimaginable a few decades ago, digital retail is a game…

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