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  • 14/09/2023

The future of eco-friendly innovation: Sustainable product designs

Ever wonder how much waste each individual produces with their daily consumption needs of disposable coffee cups, water bottles, food and beverage containers, wrappers, tissue paper, and the list goes on. Now multiply these…

  • 30/08/2023

Graphic design trends dominating 2023 so far

Wonder how first impressions are made? The visual impact of the objects we see helps our minds to form first impression, one’s that are formed with the blink of an eye. It’s the fine…

  • 16/08/2023

AI’s influence on UX design: Redefining User Experience 

In this article, we will explore how AI has become a revolutionary technology for UX designer market. As a young design professional or a student interested to pursue a course in UX design, it’s…

  • 31/07/2023

Exploring career opportunities in Communication Design

Communication design encompasses a variety of roles within the sector and today it is known to blend creativity, business strategy, and technology to effectively convey ideas and information visually. With the introduction of Metaverse,…

  • 26/07/2023

Become a design innovator: Discover the unique courses at Strate

Do you have a passion for design and seek to become a design innovator that has a human-centric design approach? Then your search ends here at Strate. Recognized as one of the prestigious institutions,…

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