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Strate x Tata Motors

Strate School of Design, Bangalore aims to foster creative learning that is both experiential and immersive. It offers its students a multi-cultural, interdisciplinary and skills enhancement based learning environment. From its pedagogy to faculty, each aspect at Strate has a global influence and the learning system is designed to empower the students with an international outlook and industry connections. Not only does Strate have strong industry relations it also ensures that learning outcomes are in line with the industry expectation and overall social development for the students.

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Classroom project partnership

Keeping in line with this vision, Strate is pleased to announce its partnership with TATA motors for its uniquely crafted Transportation Design course at the Bangalore campus.

Tata Motors is a leading world-class automobile manufacturing organization that has a large portfolio which includes a wide range of vehicles like cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses and defense vehicles. In their own words, their marque can be found on and off-road in over 125 countries around the globe.

The Strate and Tata Motors Partnerships was signed between Mr. Thomas Dal, Dean, Strate School of Design and Mr. Ajay Jain – the Global Head of Design Strategy, Tata Motors, in December 2022. This partnership will ensure that students at Strate’s Transportation Design course can experience the rapidly changing dynamics of the automotive industry first hand via a classroom project powered by Tata Motors. The five-year classroom project will assist Strate students who are interested in pursuing a career in automotive design to hone their skills at the grassroots level and explore employment opportunities in the nation’s booming automobile sector. The classroom project will involve experimenting with new software and emerging technologies, including a holistic zero-emission transportation concept, to address real-world mobility problems and rediscover existing solutions.

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Strate x Tata partnership

sets the ideal example of how industry can come on board to interact with the students, gain new perspective on working ideas, adapt to their thinking while also empowering them with relevant information, data and aiding to upskill them in specific tasks. It sets a fine example of  bridging the gap between industry and academia. The aspiring automobile designers at Strate will gain:
– Live industry project opportunities
– Build their unique network with a leading global brand
– Get introduced to new techniques, skills and tactics of how the industry approaches mobility based designs. Its overall challenges and work with a solution focused approach.
– Engage in indepth research for the future of mobility and vehicles – focused on the next big thing.

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The partnerships further aims to:

Foster innovation and critical thinking to develop smart and intelligent design solutions for futuristic mobility, and
Develop a curated design curriculum and education programme in India by bridging the industry academia gap and bringing in industry level classroom projects.

Martin Uhlarik, Head of Global Design, Tata Motors said, “At Tata Motors Design, we endeavor to ‘MOVE India” by placing the “Human Experience” at the “heart” of everything we do. We celebrate diversity and the unique perspectives, enhanced creativity, and motivation that can be achieved. Being a globally competitive auto design studio in India, we are committed to developing talent and skills. 

Our collaboration with the Strate School of Design is based on the broader vision of enriching design education in India, with a progressive curriculum, interactions and industry-level classroom projects. Through this classroom project, we intend to bridge skills gaps and train talented and technically qualified professionals for the automotive sector. We believe that this classroom project has the potential to bring path-breaking innovations that will redefine, redesign and reimagine mobility solutions for the future.”

“We are now partnering with Tata Motors Design to explore new routes and opportunities for mobility systems in the Indian context with the support and challenge of the talented international team of Tata Motors Design.” said Thomas Dal, Dean, Strate School of Design, Bangalore

The core vision for Strate includes industry integration as a conscious choice. At Strate, the school understands that partnering with the right organizations will bring in more creative and critical learning for Strate students and build their portfolio up for many employment opportunities to ensure they flourish post their graduation from Strate. The school understands the importance of networking and has regular intervention from industry members in form of a series of masterclasses, one day to week long workshops and industry projects to sponsored projects. This helps Strate students to experience the rapidly changing business practices along with aligning their work with industry expectations. 

If you are interested and aspire to become a transportation design expert and produce world-class mobility solutions that are derived from the amalgamation of great design, emerging tech and sustainable practices, Strate School of Design – Bangalore is your ideal choice.

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Strate Bangalore offer its students:  

-uniquely crafted French pedagogy that offer a global stance on design,
-strong industry relations and links that are cultivated in classroom as live projects, masterclasses and workshops for immersive learning
-a number of international mobility opportunities including semester exchange, immersion trip to Strate Paris and international internship opportunities.

To learn more/ apply online, visit our website and for all enquiries please contact us at admission@strate.in

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