Strate Masterclass on Rimac - Bugatti CMF
  • 25/01/2022
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Strate Masterclass with Rimac-Bugatti

Strate Masterclass with Rimac-Bugatti

Strate School of Design, Bangalore is proud to be associated with Rimac Automobili, a brand that represents the bleeding edge of technology in the automotive world.

Our curriculum includes MasterClasses conducted by industry experts from different areas of the design industry. These masterclasses are an inevitable part of our unique French pedagogy to enhance and develop the skillset of future designers.

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This quarter, our 3rd Year, 6th Semester Bachelors in Transportation Design students had the privilege of working on a project under the guidance of Swati DHANDA, Lead CMF Designer at Rimac (Pronounced: ‘Ree-Mats’) Automobili, Croatia. During the workshop, the students worked for an intense week with Swati to propose Interior & Exterior CMF Design Directions for the Rimac Nevera, their first hypercar.

The specialization in Transportation design harnesses all the different sensory stimuli that contribute to the holistic experience of designing the automobile.

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Through the discipline of Color, Material & Finish, the brand Rimac Automobili researches and forecasts the industry’s ongoing trends and innovates to find solutions befitting the overall design vision of the products they manufacture as a brand.

The MasterClass also included a one-on-one sketch and feedback sessions, discussions on themes and proposals, and culminated with each student presenting their effort to a panel of designers from the industry and instructors.

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Driven by the motto of making the world Simple, Just & Beautiful, we, at Strate School of Design are committed to supporting and encouraging young talents who challenge the status quo, think out of the box, inspire intellectual curiosity, and empower themselves to become active citizens and positive change-makers of future.

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These informative workshops help future designers have a firsthand understanding of different aspects of creativity & design. These workshops also help students equip themselves with the basic foundational structure of the domains they pursue at Strate School of Design.

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