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  • 18/06/2021
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Roots of Design Studies – Pre Semester Workshops

Roots of Design Studies – Pre Semester Workshops

Strate School of Design is extremely proud to launch the Pre Semester Workshops. These informative modules will allow students to equip themselves with the basic foundational structure of our design programs.

Join us online to get a glimpse of the Strate spirit, and teaching methods, while acquiring some fundamental skills to pursue Design studies.

This deep-dive curriculum walk-through will enable you to visualize YOUR journey with Strate School of Design before the semester even kickstarts.

Theme: Roots of design studies

Module 1:  Visual Emotions, Storytelling & Expressions

In this module, you will be taken through graphic design basics and layout guidelines and will learn to create emotion and visual storytelling.

Session: Poster and storytelling

Module 2:  From Flat to Solid Shapes

Most of the objects surrounding us are in 3D, understanding volumes is critical to start in design. In this module, you will learn 3D sculpting using papers.

Session: 3D paper sculpture making (toy)

Module 3: Unleash Your Mind!

Sketching is the mother tongue of designers. It helps communicate your ideas and is the most important creative tool for generating new ideas and thinking out of the box. This module will take you through the sketching secrets, tips, tricks and more!

Session: Creative sketching secrets.

Module 4: My First Design Project

In this module, you will be taken through the five phases of a design project. You will get to discover that sketching is not the only thing a designer does. There is much more to it!

Session: Daily object re- design

Strate’s Design Mentors will be delivering the sessions to make your workshop experience enriching.

This is your chance to catch industry leaders 1-on-1 and walk away with enhanced design skillsets.

Experience your design journey with Strate – Pre Semester Workshops.

These workshops are exclusively for our registered students. Join Strate School of Design and experience the true flavor of our school through the Pre Semester Workshops.

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