Open Day at Strate School of Design | November 17, 2019
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Open Day at Strate School of Design | November 17, 2019

Open Day at Strate School of Design | November 17, 2019

Strate School of Design has always set the benchmark for quality and human-centric design. There’s always enthusiasm in school about the amazing training, the awesome lectures, the expert French faculty, the industrial visits, and so much more happening at the school. While we at Strate know how eventful and exciting our days are, many do not. The Open Day is Strate’s way of showing the school to aspiring designers and their parents and giving them a taste of what it’s like to be in a top-class design college.

The Open Day for November was held on a Sunday owing to exams the previous day. We expected a small number of people to show up but were pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume that greeted us. There were many young design enthusiasts, some of whom were there with their parents. They looked around the school admiring the designs that other creatives like themselves had created. They were definitely awed by the sheer talent on display. We hope to see more enthusiastic crowds like this to ensure young designers are encouraged to hone their skills and take up design as a serious career.

Strate regularly conducts Open Days to give prospective students and parents a closer look at the school. If you wish to participate in the next Open Day or want updates on our upcoming events, please send us an enquiry. Check out our 5-year Integrated Master in Design program.

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