Design Philosophies of global brands
  • 28/05/2021
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New-Age Design Philosophies of Global Brands

New-Age Design Philosophies of Global Brands

The design has an impact on our lives in both subtle and overt ways. Every object, from our phones to our coffee pots, is a product of design.

Aesthetics are only one aspect of great design. It’s the way we interact with items. An iPad or an Eames chair are both lovely in their own right, but you can’t appreciate their design until you put them to use. It’s only then that you’ll see all the small details, both apparent and unseen, that go into an outstanding design.

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Let’s take a look at the design philosophies of some of the global brands out there!


Tesla’s automobiles are distinguished by their cutting-edge design, technology, and high performance, making them a “green energy” favorite. The Model 3 is inspired by its forerunner, the Model S. Its ultra-minimalist appearance, which echoed the more expensive Model S while omitting key design components like an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, drew a lot of attention. Like a moth drawn to a flame, the Tesla Model 3 car is attractive and appealing.

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The design of a Ducati bike embodies the spirit of Italian elegance. Lines that are sinuous, sensual, and adaptable, with a permanent, ageless quality that sets an unrivaled benchmark. Ducati has a long history of producing sport-inspired motorbikes with high-performance Desmodromic engines, cutting-edge design, and cutting-edge technology. The Ducati Scrambler is a new motorcycle, accessory, and apparel brand that distinguishes out for its innovation and individuality.

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s emblem is undeniably iconic and one of the biggest fashion companies in the world. It has successfully linked the Ralph Lauren mythology to the collective psyche of the United States and the American dream. That goes far beyond what a logo might achieve on its own.

Coco Chanel

Making a lasting impression in a fickle (and saturated) market like fashion can be challenging. Chanel, on the other hand, has withstood the test of time. Chanel, which was founded in 1909, is known for its sophistication and freedom. Coco Chanel, a fashion designer, founded her company in the post-World War I era to free women from the constraints of corsets and bustles. Her outfits stressed both comfort and fashion at the same time.

Even though Coco Chanel, the brand’s founder, is not around, her interests continue to guide the company’s mission of offering fashionable clothing for women. Their equally dedicated crew continues to carry on Coco Chanel’s passion for striking visual motifs and unique styles.

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Alexander McQueen

The fashion house of Alexander McQueen is known for dark and dramatic designs with violent and grotesque motifs.

McQueen was known for his artistic brilliance, bursting with one-of-a-kind designs that were frequently divisive.

Over the years, the brand’s ideology of shock and glamour has been continually reinforced by celebrities and prominent figures endorsing the clothing.

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Apple products

Steve Jobs, who was interested in Zen philosophy, made sure that minimalism was at the center of every design. He was noted for asking his employees to turn off all the noise and concentrate on the product’s primary function. Jobs had a laser-like focus on his goods. Apple goods are still the most user-friendly on the market, right down to the packaging, as he concentrated on craft, empathy, focus, and simplicity. Apple became a market disruptor thanks to design thinking.

Which of these design philosophies is your favorite?

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