Left Brain VS right brain
  • 06/12/2021
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Left brain VS Right brain; What’s best for a designer

Left brain VS Right brain; What’s best for a designer

The left and right brain notion were only recently introduced in the late 1960s, but it has become a well-known aspect of human psychology.

While we all use both sides of the brain, we each have a dominant side that accounts for a significant portion of our personalities.

As per the research conducted by the Center for Educational Neuroscience, the left brain is the analytical, logical, verbal half, while the right brain is the creative, emotional, visuospatial half. Individuals who have one side more active than the other show corresponding cognitive styles and personalities.

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Each person thinks in a specific way, is more interested in certain areas, and, above all, is most effective in particular ways. Understanding the left and right hemispheres of the brain can help you become more productive, efficient, and creative.

As you’ve probably heard countless times, there’s an ancient half-truth belief that a person’s personality features determine whether they’re left or right-brain dominant.

It is stated that left-brain dominant people favor analytical thought, logic, and reasoning, whereas right brain people are more creative and value the finer things, such as art and music.

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Some clients expect you to think creatively. They desire a unique and innovative product that will propel them to fame and glory. Others are simply seeking a visually appealing approach to present data. They don’t want someone who will try to reinvent the wheel or initiate a huge paradigm change. They want a webpage.

Creativity can be chaotic, and analytical problem solving can be tedious; when the two collide, the grand design emerges. Each individual’s combination of how these forces interact is unique.

The problem then becomes identifying how you work best and leveraging those skills to be a good designer, rather than attempting to be someone you’re not.

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Which would you prefer if you had the option of being left or right-brained?

But there’s a catch: This is the incorrect query. Which are you? is the question you should be asking. The truth is that both are required in the design profession.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a right or left-brainer. If you’re a designer, you’ve probably struggled with the creative process at least once. You’re stranded, and you have no idea how to reactivate it.

A Right-Brain + Left-Brain combination combines intellectual process and appropriate creativity levels. Client results are maximized when creative visual work is delivered with compliance, punctuality, and cost-effectiveness.

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Understanding the right and left sides of the brain can help you improve your work and better understand yourself as a person. The way to better creativity is frequently found in science and reasoning – in this case, psychology.

We can better grasp what we are naturally strong at and where we should focus our efforts to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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On the other hand, we can better identify where we’re weak and devise more innovative ways to address our flaws.

Consider how you prefer to work in those situations. To do so, think about whether you’re a tremendously creative designer or an analytical problem solver, and then approach your project with that knowledge in mind, creating a methodology that suits your needs.

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