Importance of color theory in everyday life
  • 06/05/2021
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Importance of Color Theory in Everyday Life

Importance of Color Theory in Everyday Life

The color theory describes how color can affect our mood, development, and productivity daily. Your workplace, home, and life can be shaped in a way that is either detrimental or beneficial. Here are the fascinating reasons for all those colors you adore and despise, as well as some interesting tidbits like the best kitchen color and why you shouldn’t paint a baby’s room red.

Colors can be found in abundance. We are constantly surrounded by colors in our everyday lives. These colors can affect our feelings, including how we feel about people and things, as well as how we think about brands. Color psychology has been used by marketers for decades, and they often use it to elicit an emotional reaction from customers.

We’ll look at the different important terms associated with color theory.

Color harmony

Consider color harmony to be the visual product of the color wheel’s law. To comprehend color theory meanings, you must first comprehend the significance of color placement on the color wheel.

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Primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, intermediate colors, complementary colors, monochromatic colors, equivalent colors, triadic colors, and tetradic colors are the nine major color wheel laws that can be clarified.

It’s important to recognize what colors go well together and why to achieve true color harmony in your marketing collateral, wardrobe, and interior design.

The Color Theory Wheel

That’s fine. So now you know the “primary” colors, but you and I both know that choosing color combinations, particularly on a screen, entails a much broader variety than the 12 basic colors.

The color wheel, a circle graph that depicts each primary, secondary, and tertiary color, as well as their hues, tints, tones, and shades, was created with this in mind. This method of visualizing colors aids in the selection of color schemes by demonstrating how each color corresponds to the color next to it on a rainbow color scale. (A rainbow’s colors, in order, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, as you already know.)

When choosing colors for a color scheme, the color wheel gives you opportunities to create brighter, lighter, softer, and darker colors by mixing white, black, and gray with the original colors. These mixes create the color variants described below:

When choosing colors for a paint scheme, the color wheel allows you to combine white, black, and grey with the original colors to make brighter, lighter, softer, and darker colors. These mixtures produce the following color variations:

Why is color theory important?

Branding and promotion are two words that come to mind.

Branding, promotion and sales are three words that come to mind.

You’re ready to make effective branding choices with this basic understanding of colors and color schemes. For example, what color should your logo be? Or the psychology behind color choices on your website, such as the feelings that colors elicit in customers.

Do you believe it doesn’t matter? Take a look at this post on the worst color combinations ever. It simply hurts.

Color theory can not only help you with your ads, but it can also help you better understand what your competitors are doing.

You’ll see several analogous color schemes in a side-by-side comparison of three law firm web pages. Blue is commonly associated with dependability, masculinity, and competence, while yellow is associated with pleasure and competence. Both of these are positive associations in a field where negative connotations, such as dishonesty or hostility, are stereotypically associated.

Color theory is important for making your brand stand out and appealing to your target audience, as well as recognizing that bad colors can lead to poor sales.


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