How skilled experienced designers are the backbone of start-ups

Ever wonder why some start-ups succeed while others don’t?
Answer is simple. Design.

Design is undoubtedly the backbone of successful brands and start-ups. A well-designed product can make or break a brand. Design however is not simply limited to a single product or what the business is selling it also involves brand identity, logo to products, web and overall interactive design, it is all essential for a business to become and remain successful.

This makes designers the backbone of any start-up and design strategy as the most crucial process of the business pitches. Good design is what keeps the customers coming back to you and sets you apart from your competition. Before we deep dive into how designers have become the backbone, it is imperative to understand the different aspects to design and how they impact your business. In early stages of a start-up, there are many aspects that are crucial and critical to define.

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Brand Identity

This is about telling people what your brand does and about your brand name and vision. Your logo, typeface, colours used, and a brand story are all essential components that define if your brand evokes emotions in others.

Product Design

The user experience of your product/service is known as product design. Think of every touch point with your customer, from software to product in hand. Involves wireframing, user research, and usability testing. Important question to ask here is how this product solves the user’s problem?

Web Design

This is about the overall structure, layout, brand story and the type of content included on your page. For a successful web design, ask the question: what is the main message you want to communicate via your website and who is your target audience?

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A designer here will take into consideration your layout, typography, colour, hierarchy of design, functionality, responsive design to UI/UX and all elements necessary. These aspects of design work in tandem to give your brand the best chances of winning. Here is how a skilled and experienced designers become the backbone and black horse of any start-ups:

Helps the start-up build a creative branding strategy

There is a deep science to branding strategy that goes beyond hues or typeface. It requires awareness of target audience, colour psychology, human behaviour and sociology to even some consumer psychology. Designers here work to come up with a logo, colours, fonts and more that resonates with the brand story, building marketing materials that remain consistent with your branding and help to build trust and loyalty.
A fine example of this is Coca-Cola, Nike, Google etc.

Well-designed products define a start-ups success

A curious difference between success and failure for a start-up is a well-designed product. Don’t forget, first impressions are what customers always remember, this is what they will keep coming back for. A designer works on the design to make sure your product does not look dated or is difficult to use and keep the interface engaging so as the customer is always engaged.

Designers help you stay close to the vision of your start-up

We have all heard the saying that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, and this applies to start-ups too. Designers come in with a certain skill set and can help start-ups focus on other crucial business aspects while they help you build a design strategy. They act as a heart and soul of the business and pump in the right amount of blood via their design. Keeping it original, interactive, engaging and all-encompassing of a brand story.

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Ace the social media game

Designers are key to improving your social media presence. Knowing the basics like the right media size, compositions, design rules to what typeface, hues and language works with the brand, designers offer you a branding consistency across all your assets. Visuals have been known to be more impactful than just texts making designers key to unlocking a customer’s social media experience with your brand.

Hit and trail: Building prototypes and go to market products

A series of tests with various design concepts, ideas and product prototypes helps designers to test the usability, accessibility and impact of each design on the end users. This helps them to innovate, make changes and keep the brand close to its vision. This option is viable for start-ups with in-house designers who can keep testing the prototypes to make changes till the product is finally ready to hit the market. It helps to reduce costs of outsourcing and time from design to go-to market. (Wireframe, mood boards, mock-ups and mind maps are a few examples of building product prototypes)

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Branding consistency across channels

Let’s be honest, if designers were not in the picture, our various social media channels may have distorted and ill-sized images to branding inconsistency. From Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to Facebook and many other channels and platforms, each has its own size and layout. Designers help you stay on point with the basics as well as making sure the brand message stays consistent across all channels. And when it comes to branding, consistency is crucial. Disinterest is the result of inconsistency, and a skilled designer helps the brand in retaining customers’ interest.

To be able to better communicate your vision, stay consistent on your path, and keep moving in the direction you are on, a skilled designer will offer creative direction that will take you to a successful path. They are the effective team members who help a start-up achieve better results.

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At Strate, the belief is to hone designers of tomorrow, these designers are able make real time contribution while in training at Strate with their internships, industry projects and workshops with industry leaders, brands and innovative disruptive start-ups. Part of their education is becoming problem-solvers and keen explorers who are always re-imaging a sustainable and better world.

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