Hopscotch by Jonathan Denuit
  • 16/05/2020
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Hopscotch by Jonathan Denuit

Hopscotch by Jonathan Denuit

During this lockdown period, the designers and former Stratos are actively developing projects that respond to the health and social issues that we will all have to face.

A hopscotch of distancing

Jonathan Denuit, designer, from the Product Design class of 2019 at Strate School of Design, Paris, demonstrates here the agility of a designer.

The project, Hopscotch, was developed from a quote by Françoise Dolto, a renowned French paediatrician and psychoanalyst: “If you want a child to abide by a rule, turn it into a game.” Jonathan Denuit set up a large-scale project based on this concept.

This project is intended to help manage social distancing within elementary schools, which will be implemented in Chaville, France.

“[This project] consists of the installation of a playful pattern drawn on the ground which allows children to respect social distancing during recess times.”

Presentation projet disanciation enfants

For this hopscotch, Jonathan imagined several rules of the game to apply during recess, so that the pleasure of playing, running, and having fun remains the same during this health crisis.

“At the start of the day, pupils are assigned a number between 1 and 15.

As soon as recess starts, they are invited one by one to join the circle corresponding to the number assigned to them. A supervisor is already waiting for them at the centre of the hopscotch.

The supervisor will then announce the first rule to be followed: that of not leaving the circle except when they are drawn by lot to fetch their “challenges” in the small circle behind them. Each student can take part in one or more challenges (sports, technical, cultural, etc.) during the 10- or 15-minute break.

At the end, each pupil is called one after the other to join the class. It is then up to us to invent lots of little rules of play to keep the children entertained and happy while also keeping them safe.”

This system is indeed in line with the current problems linked to the imminent deconfinement. Its implementation does not require a significant budget and is therefore accessible to all primary schools.

The action continues!

Strate design school encourages its students to take part in social and health action, by proposing projects on imposed themes.

Last week was about preparing for the next phase of deconfinement.

A theme that allows not only our Stratos but also all those who wish to participate to take part in the movement by proposing their project.

This week’s theme is to propose a project that will help both medical staff and society prepare for deconfinement.


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