Education Need for the future
  • 22/11/2021
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Education need for the future

Education need for the future

In today’s news, you will see a lot about the COVID pandemic and how it is becoming not only a world health problem but an economic problem as well.

Media is focusing on this topic, most of the time forgetting about other critical global matters like pollution and shrinking of the bio-diversity.

If it wants to survive after the COVID, humanity will have to look into solving those substantial global problems.

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The only way to go through will be by changing the way we produce, use, and get rid of our everyday objects and going from linear economy to circular economy.

It will require a complete shift into the industries; they will need to turn toward innovation more than ever to face the upcoming challenges.

But this innovation, to be relevant and solve the problems within the global system of the living complexity, will have to come from the past.

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ALL solutions to our problems have already been solved by nature somehow…

All technologies to save the world are there, in our gardens, forest, and oceans. We need to look for them.

Tomorrow, engineers, designers will not have to be inventors, creating new tech from scratch, but to be readers of the nature that can interpret or evolve existing solutions to fit our human problems.

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Bio-mimicry and circular economy are essential fundamental approaches for innovation tomorrow and maybe the most Lucrative one.

Reinventing new solutions, developing them, testing them is time, money, and resource-consuming.

Reading nature to find what has been developed and evolved through billions of years can save years and millions of dollars in development.

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Applying the guidelines for a circular economy is also much needed. It will be very relevant to help increase the benefits of any business by lowering the cost of accessing raw materials and creating value from industrial wastes.

Schools, Universities, Engineering, and Design schools have to start teaching how to read and understand nature’s principles to their students. It will make them relevant and desirable for the demanding job market of tomorrow where sustainability while keeping the economic growth will be the first challenge of all the industries tomorrow.

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Humanity also has to save the planet while changing the entire economy by changing how business is done into a circular economy where wastes are raw materials for others, like in a forest.

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