Design the future of Mobility
  • 25/03/2022
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Design the future of mobility; companies recruiting automobile designers

Companies recruiting automobile designers

Automotive design is a highly skilled field that requires a combination of engineering, safety, business knowledge, and artistic abilities. Auto design is a collaborative effort where each team member contributes their particular skills. The field is dynamic and ever-changing, providing a high-powered and progressive working environment for the designer.

Automobile Designers are talented individuals who develop new ideas and designs for automobiles and their parts. Automobile designers, in cooperation with their team and supervisor, generate layouts of the vehicle and its many components based on the client’s requirements and standards (most often on CAD software.) Automobile designers concentrate on every aspect of a vehicle’s design, from appearance to personality, and are responsible for making a car appear appealing while maintaining optimal performance.

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Candidates with a master’s degree in transportation design are preferred by the majority of organizations that hire vehicle designers.

  • According to a survey by SIAM, India’s automobile sector is proliferating, with annual growth estimated to be over 12%.

This gives an opportunity for a candidate interested in pursuing a career in Automotive Design to land a job with a competitive salary. Candidates with excellent technical skills and creative imagination have a better chance of moving up the ladder in the sector.

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A profession as an automotive designer uniquely combines engineering and creativity. A student with a creative bent of mind and a passion for automobiles would never consider work to be a difficult task. Apart from design, one might also work in research and development, technical specifications, testing, and maintenance.

Here are some of the steps you should take to become an automobile designer.

Get direct experience


Consider spending time in a garage or automotive shop before starting education in transportation design so you can see how cars are built and how they work. It also aids in keeping up with the most recent design breakthroughs and learning about the latest automobile design trends.

Applicants with innovative skills and prior understanding of automobiles are more likely to be noticed by employers. Taking an art class will help you improve your sketching and sculpting skills, which are essential for automobile designers.

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Obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree


A bachelor’s degree in automotive design is usually required to work as a car designer. Some automobile designers pursue a master’s degree to advance their careers or broaden their knowledge and skill set. For jobs and internships, employers frequently seek out graduates of reputable institutions.

Strate’s transportation design course provides the ideal platform for young designers to fire their passion, sharpen their creativity, and develop into world-class transportation designers hired by some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

Why Masters in Transportation Design from Strate? 

  • French pedagogy of learning
  • Fully equipped and state of the art design development labs
  • World-Class Faculty and Mentors
  • Industry partnerships with multiple reputed brands
  • Global Design Education Network
  • Ranked among top 60 Design Schools in the world


Strate School of Design has been constantly rated as the top transportation and automobile design college in India by pivotal persons in the automobile design industry.

Here is the list of companies hiring automotive designers.

Company Career Opportunity
Mercedes Benz OEM Designer
Bosch Group Automotive Designer
Volvo Group Physical Designer
Cyient Limited Car Body Design Engineer
NXP Semiconductors Design Automation and Configuration Management
AllyGrow Automotive Biw Tool & Fixture Design
Nissan Senior Color Designer
Sono Motors Automotive Surface Designer
Volvo Cars Exterior Designer
Ford Motion Designer/ Visual Designer
Tesla CMF Design Internship
Hyundai Group Strategic Design Internship
Porshe Digital Design Models & Design Visualization intern


Due to their high technical competence and design insight, automobile designers will continue to see job growth. Those with a degree, good experience in CAD design, and an understanding of the sector will have the best job possibilities.

From production to purchasers, the automobile market is at an all-time high. Automobile designers and engineers are employed by various industries, including automobile manufacturers, IT companies, production companies, marine transportation companies, architectural firms, and many more.

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