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Coping With Pandemic Stress & Exam Pressure – Essential Tips

Coping With Pandemic Stress & Exam Pressure – Essential Tips

Many students who had to make the abrupt switch to online studies when COVID-19 first appeared may feel as if they are hanging by a thread during this pandemic. And, as the virus continues to spread over the world, individuals who had intended to return to university may be dreading another semester of online lectures.

Exam preparation is a difficult chore to do throughout COVID-19. Most of you have worked long hours and made several sacrifices to achieve your goals. As a result, not being able to perform after all of the efforts is quite disheartening. In times of pandemic, however, it is critical to managing this stress. Let’s take a look at how we can do it!

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Focus on what you can control

It’s natural for us to ponder or worry about what might happen in the future when we’re in a state of uncertainty. This can be counterproductive for many of us because we are worried about something we can’t influence or control. Focus on what you can control when it comes to tests, and attempt to prepare for them as if they are going to happen. Although this is a difficult undertaking, it is the most straightforward way to keep our brains on track and motivated.

Mindfulness can help us become more aware of our thoughts and stay present at the moment.

Try to create a routine and study space

Maintaining a study regimen is a good approach to stay on track. Make a study schedule that includes time slots for different subjects as well as regular breaks. This can help you manage stress because you’ll know you’ve made a plan with time allocated to each subject you’re studying. If you have a room in your house where you can set up your study area, this can be beneficial. According to research, studying in an atmosphere similar to the one in which you will take your examinations can aid us in remembering the material. If at all feasible, study in a quiet, distraction-free environment away from where you generally rest.

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Take breaks

We can get overly focused on the amount of time we spend sitting at a desk studying if we are stressed or concerned about tests. We can only focus on and truly take in information for so long, no matter how motivated we are. We need to take regular breaks to digest and remember new knowledge. When you do take a break, get as far away from your study area as possible so you can recognize and feel like you’ve taken a break. Even if it is only for a short period, being outside and getting some fresh air or exercising is beneficial to our health.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself

When it comes to tests, keep in mind that you are in a position for which you could never have prepared. It’s understandable if you have days when you’re worried, unmotivated, or undecided about how you feel. All of these emotions are normal. Try to keep focused as much as possible; even if you can only do a little each day, it will help you feel less worried in the long run.

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Talk to someone

If you are feeling overwhelmed by feelings of stress related to your tests, you must speak with someone. Sharing this with someone else can make you feel better, and it means you’ll have that person’s support in the coming weeks and months while you prepare for tests.

Finally, remember to include time for your hobbies in your calendar. It’s critical to stay up with or discover new hobbies and interests, especially those that might distract you from gazing at a screen all day and night.

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Whether we like it or not, COVID -19 is here to stay, at least for the time being. To succeed in your studies, you must adapt, prepare, and adjust to the “new normal.” Remember that support is there anytime you need it and that this, too, will pass.


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