Car Design as a Career in India
  • 27/11/2017
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Car Design as a Career in India

Car Design as a Career in India – Strate

Do you like cars? Have you ever filled your notebooks with drawings of cars? Do you see yourself as the next great car designer? Is your car design the one which will revolutionize the automobile industry?

Car design is an exciting and creative hobby, but one which rarely materializes into a job. The apprehension about taking up car design, or any design field, as a career is still prevalent in India. Despite this scenario, many still choose to pursue a career in car design. There are also numerous design colleges in India that offer car designing courses fuelling the passion of these future designers.

Car design involves pushing the boundaries of creativity to provide mobility solutions of the future. It deals with the development of automobile designs that are safe, sustainable, reliable, and aesthetic. Customers too look at all facets of a car before making a purchase, not just its appearance. As a result, car designers are quite in demand in the automobile industry.

Car design is, therefore, a fascinating career choice for those whose interests lie in that path. If you are unsure of where to start or which car designing course to choose, read on.

Passion for the craft

The first and foremost requirement you have to fulfil is to have a tremendous passion for the field. You should have a genuine interest in making it as a car designer. While, it`s great that you can draw well and have innovative ideas for car design, but if there isn’t any passion in the work that you are doing, this whole exercise is futile. Passion keeps you motivated and exercises your mind for bigger and better ideas.

Building a solid portfolio

The next step is building a portfolio for yourself. Many design colleges in India request for a personal portfolio to see what you are capable of and how your mind works when it comes to design. It also assures them of your commitment to join the program. Your portfolio needn`t be a professional one but must include all your ideas and designs. So, ensure you keep all your drawings and sketches in one place.

Besides drawing, you should brush up on the technical and mechanical aspects of an automobile. As a designer, you will be working with other teams involved in automobile design such as engineers. Knowing the mechanics of a car will be an added asset to your portfolio.

Choosing the right car design course

Bachelor of Design degree in automotive design is always preferred when starting a career in car design. Your passion may have already equipped you with all the necessary knowledge but a Bachelor of Design or Master of Design degree will develop the professional in you and prepare you for a career in car design. There are abundant car design courses in Bangalore and you can choose how to study full-time, part-time, online, short-term, etc. It is best if you choose a full-time Bachelor of Design program that delves into the heart of car design.

Projects and internships

You can also further your skills by taking up projects and internships with automobile companies. Projects help you develop your ideas into a working prototype. It’s highly motivating when you see your ideas come to life. This will push you to develop plenty more designs, each better than the last. Internships get you in touch with automobile companies who may, after graduation, hire you. Both projects and internships during your Bachelor of Design or Master of Design program are especially useful if you want to climb up the organisational ladder fast.

There are numerous car designing courses in India you can pursue. If you are looking for a comprehensive program in car or automobile design in Bangalore, then Strate School of Design is your destination. Strate’s automotive design course is the perfect stepping stone for you to start your career as a car designer and transform your dream into reality.

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